Upcoming Events In Siliguri

Upcoming Events In Siliguri

Upcoming Events in Siliguri

Events can be one of the finest means to relax one’s mind and transfer our focus from our daily errands and come together for a celebration. Events have turned into an integral part of the current corporate world or the world in general, as it provides an opportunity for people to come out of their lives and engage in some friendly interaction, and exchange greetings. Now if we dig deeper into this, we know that there are different events conducted for different purposes. There can be general meetup events conducted to create and build strong bonds with people, then there are celebration events conducted either to bid farewell to former employees of an organization and wish them good luck in their future endeavors or the welcome events conducted to graciously welcome someone new to organizations. Moreover, there are award ceremonies for celebrating the achievement of an individual or there are few fundraising events organized with an aim to contribute to a cause. So to relax our minds and enjoy ourselves a bit, keep on reading to know about some top upcoming events in our town, Siliguri.

TechStars Startup Weekend Siliguri: Organized by Siliguri-based college Inspiria Knowledge Campus, TechStars is a 3-day event that gives aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to experience their start-up life. From the 30th of July to the 1st of August InHub, The Entrepreneurship cell of Inspiria is organizing its 3rd edition of TechStars. The event is a great opportunity for people who wish to become future entrepreneurs as the event is being conducted in association with Google. The event aims to identify, nurture and reward such entrepreneurs trying to disrupt the EdTech industry. Therefore, TechStars Startup Weekend Siliguri invites all budding Entrepreneurs and changemakers to take part in the event.

Indian Running Day:  Organized on the auspicious day of 15th August, this event aims to spread unity and solidarity among Indians and the global Community. Conducted by the Winners Club of Siliguri, this event focuses on celebrating the spirit of India and Indians who have fought and contributed to our country. Through this event, the organizers also want to pay honors to our freedom fighters and also encourage the people of our country to achieve freedom from laziness. The participants from all age groups are welcome to take part, your task would be to run (physically or virtually) a minimum of 1 km up to the maximum you can on the 75th Independence day of India. It’s an excellent initiative to throw away weariness and boredom. #fitindia.

Esperanza 2.0: One of the many things that COVID-19 has taught us is how to cope up with the virtual world. Earlier people were in a dilemma on how to deal with this situation through virtual connection, but adaptability is what human nature is all about. Therefore, now not only works are done online but also events are being conducted. Esperanza is one such fundraising event conducted by the media students of the Inspiria knowledge campus under the wing of Inspiria TV. The event aims to raise funds and donate them for the benefit of the COVID affected people. It’s an initiative to contribute towards the nationwide fight against coronavirus. 

Esperanza, as we all know, means “hope” and last year for the very first time, we held Esperanza to help millions suffering the wrath of the virus. In the second year of India’s largest e-media fest, Esperanza 2.0 aims to unite students from all over India and provide a platform to unleash their inner talents. You can showcase your talent in various ways, including Poetry, Art, Dancing, Singing, PR, Photo Manipulation, Photography, Fashion, Short Film and Speak Your Mind Out. Therefore, we invite everyone who wishes to showcase their talent and contribute to the nation with this fundraising campaign and help us fight the second wave of COVID-19 with zeal and enthusiasm.

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It’s an opportunity for students like us who can use our talents to contribute towards a cause. We are the pillars and the future of our nation. Any amount received will be donated to the work against COVID-19. It’s our turn now to be the ray of hope to our society. Remember that every contribution matters and every individual counts. If your talent can be a way of helping the ones in need, why not do it?

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The second wave of Corona calls for a second wave of hope.

#Esperanza 2.0

– Sejal Upadhaya

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