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Public Relations- Esperanza 2.0

Public Relations

If marketing & sales is the heart and soul of an organization then Public Relations (PR) is the face of the organization. A Public Relations Officer is solely responsible for building a positive image of the organization. They build the brand, spread the organization’s message and minimize the effect of negative publicity. Too often the role of a PR is considered only to be spinning the message in the favor of the organization but in reality it’s far more than that. In fact,  PR serves a plethora of responsibilities/roles. 

I’m sure any individual aspiring to be  a PR has come across this phrase ” A PR doesn’t perceive things as black or white, it’s always Grey(Neutral)”. What this means is, a PR doesn’t see a situation in a positive or a negative way. They assess the entire situation and then take the steps necessary to build a good image of the organization. An efficient PR can spin any story into the favor of the organization and build a good brand image, and if you have what it takes then I have just the right event for you.

“Tough times call for tough measures “is a clause  that many have come across but “tough times also call for smart measures.” We, the students of Inspiria, have come up with an event called “Esperanza 2.0” (you will get the details about the event below) which houses a sub event of public relations. You are therefore required to create a list of points of unconscious desires for strategic planning of a campaign to solve the real-time problem ‘Covid-19’. Sounds interesting right, check out the event for more details and to get your brains together and design an effective problem to overcome the pandemic.

Esperanza stands for Hope and through Esperanza, we, students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, are spreading hope and faith that we are all standing together, fighting against the virus together. 

In lieu of the current situations, we find ourselves lacking desire, wish, yearning, hope, the very essence that keeps us going. It is students and children that are at the most vulnerable stage, both physically and mentally. As pillars of tomorrow, we Inspiria TV members count this as our duty to bring the country together at this point and spread hope. This is a fundraising campaign. Every penny collected will be given to NGOs to help the children in need. We need everyone out there to join hands at this hour and spread hope with Esperanza. 

So, here’s a chance for all PRO’s to bring your creative minds before the country and help those in need in these uncertain times. Inspiria TV invites you to help us spread Hope. This could be the best opportunity for you, not only as a dancer but as a human being too. The world needs you.

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– Siddhant Sahu

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