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What images do you get when you think of the word “Fashion”? Models strutting down the lit up runway were all dressed in interesting and intriguing clothes of various cuts, shapes and colors. Or we get transported to Paris Fashion Week or Milan Fashion week, the fashion capitals of the country. It is the glamour and the galore that attracts fashion enthusiasts. 

But the tragic part is that the standards are set way too high that not everyone can afford. From the beginning, fashion has been synonymous with “big brands”, “expensively designed outfits” and the narrow and atrocious beauty standards that are promoted.

“Fashion – A form of self expression”

Fashion should always be a way of expressing oneself. It is usually expressed through clothes, accessories, makeup, footwear etc. that a person wears. Fashion should go hand in hand with comfort. Very often we decide to wear outfits that are trending and are on the highlights, but let me tell you that “your fashion starts with you” and “your trends start with you”. 

So, you do not have to be the one who follows the trends but rather you can set your own. Be the trendsetter for yourself. Consider your comfort, priorities, your choice and your likes and dislikes. When you are comfortable with what you wear you become confident and you will be able to express yourself better as well.

Lockdown trends: 

There are various trends that have occurred over time. But during this lockdown people emerged with the trend of styling outfits their own way. This is  a fascinating trend that still exists and may go on for a long time. The trend is simple and helpful. Through this,  a person would show “how to style a casual shirt in 5 different ways”. So this idea  can be applied to different outfits. The benefit is that you get 5 different styles through a single outfit for 5 different occasions. This is what makes the trends popular among people. 

People use such trends to promote body positivity and have helped make people feel included. We have a lot of such fashion enthusiasts around us who have great talents and skills regarding fashion. Somehow the ongoing crisis may have taken away such opportunities but not anymore. We are here with India’s Largest E-media Fest ESPERANZA 2.0 which provides an opportunity for students across the nation to unite and unleash their talents. 

Esperanza Meaning Hope is an initiative by the students of INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS through INSPIRIA TV  to create hope and unite students for a cause. It started as a fundraising campaign  in the year 2020 when India was going through a major crisis due to the pandemic.

The funds and donations collected through this were donated to an NGO “save the children”. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast you should not miss this chance. 

There are two sub events under fashion :

1)POSE YOUR BEST – Are you a model, then this is an event designed exclusively for you.

Theme: open 


THEME:  Style in 30 secs

Learn more about the events under Esperanza: 


Read about Esperanza 2.0:


Join  hands with us by participating in the events



So, what are you waiting for? The opportunity is yours. Grab it and let the world see your work as ESPERANZA  is India’s largest e-media fest.

~ Ester Pariyar

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Fashion- Esperanza 2.0

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