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The perceptible difference between humans and other living beings is our enhanced ability to express ourselves articulately using various mediums. Even when dialect was not formed and humans had not cultivated the habit of verbal communication, expression happened in the form of art. Cave Paintings, Rock Art have been in existence for more than 30,000 years. Doodles, Sketches, Paintings and illustrations may seem a new trend but it isn’t. Art has been a part of us since forever and these are just the new ways to express the same old ideas, thoughts and emotions. 

Art is considered therapeutic and is deployed as a tool by psychologists and therapists to help relieve stress and beat fatigue. In fact it is also counted as a form of meditation that helps to increase concentration, builds focus and enhances creativity.  

A study by Kamali Nader and Javdan Moosa on the topic ‘The Relationship between Art and Psychology’ states: “Art by several methods helps man’s relaxation and creativity. Aesthetical quality of artworks can increase the individual’s self-esteem and consciousness.”

The one good thing about the pandemic is that, being in a lockdown we might be physically alienated from the world but we are digitally connected like never before, to the whole world and social media has become the “Anywhere Door” for us. We could literally be sitting at home and attending a “How to sketch a Digital Art in photoshop” workshop happening miles and miles away from us. Fascinating as it may seem, it is as effective and has opened new doors for budding artists to showcase their bewitching art to the world.

Inspiria TV seized this very opportunity and have come up with a bigger opportunity for those “Gifted” and that is:- Esperanza ‘2.0. The first edition of Esperanza: The Biggest e-media Fest, was organized last year in the wake of the pandemic. It gave hope to hundreds of students from across the country and helped hundreds of more children with the help of the best and the most trusted NGO:- Save the Children. 

Just when things started getting better, hope was once again staggered by the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus. Second wave of Coronavirus calls for a second wave of hope and that’s when Inspiria TV decided to once again organize the biggest e-media fest, Esperanza ‘2.0.

Esperanza stands for Hope and through Esperanza, we, students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, are spreading hope and faith that we are all standing together, fighting against the virus together. 

In lieu of the current situations, we find ourselves lacking desire, wish, yearning, hope, the very essence that keeps us going. It is students and children that are at the most vulnerable stage, both physically and mentally. As the pillars of tomorrow, we Inspiria TV members count this as our duty to bring the country together at this point and spread hope. This is a fundraising campaign. Every penny collected will be given to NGOs to help the children in need. We need everyone out there to join hands at this hour and spread hope with Esperanza. 

Hold your brush up for a cause. You don’t have to be a millionaire to help those around you and neither do you have to be The Da Vinci for the world to know you. You just have to be you: an artist. Here’s a chance for you to bring out your artwork before the country and help those in need in these uncertain times. Inspiria TV invites you to help us spread Hope. Bring out your inner artist and flaunt your skills, be it sketches, doodles or even digital art. This could be the best opportunity for you, not only as an artist but as a human being too. The world needs you.

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-Ruchika Agarwal

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