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Photography is a concept of “freezing a moment” with the help of tools and different elements.If you go and look for the literal meaning of photography we see that it is a greek word which means “drawing with light”. Nevertheless there is no way that we can define photography exactly. Its meaning differs from person to person depending on how they perceive it.

Photographs, often called photos or pictures, have become an important part of our lives.Photography is not a new term in fact it has been existing  for a long time. The only difference we see as of now is due to the advancement in technologies and the tools used in it.

The wings of photography are widespread. There are different types of photography that are practiced these are referred to as Genres of photography: Let’s have a look at them;

  • Portrait Photography:  also known as portraiture, it is a way of capturing a person in sharp focus. It often captures the personality of a person. Portrait does not always have to have a person as a subject in the frame. It can also be your pet or something else. The main idea is that the portrait should say something about the subject.
  • Nature \ Landscape photography\ wildlife:  Nature and landscape photography connect to each other. It is the art of capturing the elements that exist in nature. Through this the photographers portray the beauty of nature and landscapes.

Wildlife photography  is a type of photography where various forms of nature are captured in their natural habitat. 

  1. Travel photography \ food Photography :  it is a genre of photography that refers to capturing while traveling. It includes people, traditions, customs. Travel photographers usually explore the world and expose whatever they see through travel photography. Now, food photography is a way a photographer can display by capturing  the different food and cuisine around the world by travelling or even at home. 
  • Fashion Photography: it is a genre of photography which has speciality in capturing and displaying clothing, style and other  fashion items. Fashion industry has a charm worldwide. The fashion industry hires professional photographers who work for them to capture photographs of models for their brand.
  • Commercial and product photography: it is a genre of photography that is used to promote or sell products. It is all about capturing a product that will be used in promoting and marketing the product. 

Why are people passionate about Photography?

  • Photography as an art:  Through Photography people found a way to express artistic imagination and feeling. Most people who have an artistic approach towards photography can showcase their feelings and emotions through photographs.

Through photographs we see the world through a different lens, a different angle and a different perspective altogether. That’s the most fascinating fact about Photography.

  • Photography as science: Nevertheless photography is closely related to science.

The tools used in photography are made with the help of science and technology.

Even the idea of operating a camera is  scientific. 

  • A way of preserving memories: 

Photography is a way of preserving and storing memories.

These days photographs are essential for every individual to keep them as a memory they can recall again. There is no other way that we can capture a moment which will go away but photography has denied it possible.

  • Evidence: In the field of journalism, crime and investigation and forensic science, photographs play an important part in unfolding a crime scene. So photographs are used as evidence for investigation.
  • Photography as career/business

    : Photography has a wide career scope as well as can be considered as business.

As it is known that photography is a way of portraying beautifully what one sees. 

In the past years photography has emerged as a thrilling career option.

It is a mixture of artistic and technical skills.

Media industry and fashion industry are booming industries these days and these industries give a wide career opportunity in photography for the aspiring photographers.

Courses of photography have been added to the curriculum to give it a push.

NOTE: if you are a photographer and you are reading this i have a surprise for you at the end 

In addition to it photography is a way that a photographer can speak.Indeed photographs speak a thousand words Photography is a good way to narrate a story or give a message without having to verbally speak about it. Photography is an expression of how people see things as well as how they want to show things. 

 When it comes to photography, besides the lens  lighting plays an important role,  to get a better image the lighting should be proper. This will make the photos visually aesthetic. 

Here are some amazing photography hacks and techniques that can be used to click pictures in a better way.

  • Always stand in the opposite direction from the light source.
  • Use props like flowers, prisms, books etc. to make the picture look creative. 
  • To create rainbow effects use CDs. 
  • For stunning photography backdrops use a monitor or screen for product photography but if you want to create a portrait and make it look traditional and creative sarees and dupattas are the best to use. 
  • For sunset photography try going for a silhouette effect. To create this right at your phone without editing just focus it on the subject and pull down the brightness to the lowest you will get an amazing silhouette. 
  • Always try clicking from different angles so that you can see what looks better.
  • For creative portraiture, use mirrors to create reflection. 

It does not require expensive devices and props for best photography. You can always create amazing photographs by using the objects around you, all that is needed is a creative approach and techniques.

Photography events:

Various photography events are organised, opening an opportunity for the photographers across the nation to show their skills and talents and get acknowledged at national or international level.The events are held in different genres like fashion, nature,  wildlife etc. But amid the pandemic going on across the country conducting such events is not easy as before.Photographers cannot go out and take photographs and the option left with is the “online mode”

So, in order to help unleash the talents and skills of the budding and aspiring photographers of india INSPIRIA TV which is a part of INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS, siliguri, west bengal,   has come up with the second version of “ESPERANZA” as  ESPERANZA 2.0.

Esperanza meaning “hope”in spanish is an online e-media fest which started in the year 2020 during the pandemic as an initiative of creating hope and uniting students for a cause.

Know more about esperanza: 


Read about Esperanza 2.0:


Esperanza 2.0 has a photography event and if you’re a budding photographer and are looking for a platform to showcase your work then Esperanza 2.0 is the place for you. 

The theme set for this year is : (expression\life\pattern) in Black and white. 

So, what are you waiting for? The opportunity is yours. Grab it and let the world see your work as ESPERANZA  is India’s largest e-media fest.

Register yourself here: 


Find the events here: 


Remember you are  contributing  to a cause and helping someone who is in need.

Esperanza comes under a fundraising campaign so any amount received will be donated to NGOs that work for a cause. 

Join hands with us to create hope and help the ones in need

All the best! I Hope to see you at the event. 

~Ester Pariyar

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Esperanza 2.0 Event

Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

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