Make reading one of your habits during the lockdown

Why you should consider Reading a Habit!

Reading is always a good habit

Reading can be an essential quality you want to explore during the lockdown. “Books, precisely because they are so demanding of our attention might be the best antidote for the psychological toll of a socially distanced life.”

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“I believe we should spend less time worrying about the quantity of books children read and more time introducing them to quality books that will turn them on to the joy of reading and turn them into lifelong readers.” James Patterson

Given the circumstances, there’s never been a better, or more urgent, time to pick up a book. Within its pages, you can slip into another reality. Flipping through pages at home can be more than just increasing text recognition, and can help foster in minds the development of an intrinsic, life long desire to read.

Not all types of books promote good interpreting skills in the same way. A good reading list for self-isolation requires several categories. You should read some brilliant novels that everyone is talking about, and some novels about being alone. You should also add some comfort reads, and poetry, and books about people being thoughtful and useful and kind. Books which build a person’s character, inspire and motivate one when down and out, impart light of knowledge, language development, inspirational thoughts, empathetic nature and calms one down and also provides the best company is indeed a friend to hold on to, for all times. They are a solace to the restless mind.

Another one of the many reasons why skimming through that book is important is that it allows for creative thinking. It can inspire you when you are feeling bored & restless. It can help give you that very needed pick-me-up without having to search too far for it. This helps to get that creative side of your brain thinking, unlike television that really does not use much creative brainpower. It also enhances the power of visualization.

It is thus safe to say that it can change your life for the better, and the importance is undeniable. If you think that you hate reading books, then perhaps you just have yet to find the genre for your own personal style but keep trying, and keep searching for what’s right for you. A book is one of the most powerful things in the world, offering you new opportunities to learn, see the world, grow and be inspired!


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Samiyo Dong


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