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Pen it down- Esperanza 2.0

Pen it down

We all have heard the saying, “literature is the reflection of society” meaning art and literature talks about the underlying phenomena sweeping in the society that most of the time gets overlooked or goes unrecognized. Literature has many subsidiaries, one of which is poetry which helps us to unravel and comprehend the world around us. The strength of poetry lies in its ability to throw “sideways” light on the world so that the truth reaches out to us. Poetry is reflective of the society mirroring our insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Poetry is an integral part of the varied literary expressions capturing the surrealism of the different waves of different eras. In the words of William Wordsworth   “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

You don’t always have to be great with words or lines. All you need to know is how to put the world as you see on that sheet of paper, even if you have just written a line and that will be your creation, that will be your poetry. And for such individuals, Inspiria TV has come up with an online e-media event that will help you unleash the poet within you. Our world has been dealing with an invisible virus for the past one year. We have suffered loss and have constantly questioned the new norms.

But tough situations have always made mankind tougher and more resilient. Therefore, we, the media students of Inspiria knowledge campus, through the platform of Inspiria TV, hope to unite the nation under one umbrella and come together for a cause to fight the second wave of COVID-19 through “Esperanza 2.0”

Esperanza, as we all know, means “hope” and last year for the very first time, we held Esperanza to help millions suffering the wrath of the virus. In the second year of India’s largest e-media fest, Esperanza 2.0 aims to unite students from all over India and provide a platform to unleash their inner talents. In which you can showcase your talent through various ways, including poetry.

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Therefore, I invite all the poets who wish to showcase their talent and contribute to the nation with this fundraising campaign and help us fight the second wave of COVID-19 with zeal and enthusiasm. The event for poetry is called PEN IT DOWN, where you can showcase and bring forward the poet within you by written as well as spoken word poetry. You submit your original piece on anything you want in any language ( Hindi or English).

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It’s an opportunity for students like us who can use our talents to contribute towards a cause. We are the pillars and the future of our nation. Any amount received will be donated to the work against COVID-19. Stars seen in the night sky may seem tiny but together they make the sky look beautiful, similarly your one small contribution is one star added to fight this darkness of COVID-19. 

The second wave of Corona calls for a second wave of hope.

#Esperanza 2.0

– Sejal Upadhaya

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