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Short Film -Esperanza 2.0

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In our lives, we all must have fantasized about the life of Lights! Camera! Action! We get to live multiple lives and bring out distinct characters printed on the paper alive on the screen to tell a tale of love, hate, friendship and more. Yes, I am talking about life in lenses, life as a content creator holds the power to give powerful messages and influence the masses. Cinema or films have been developing since its emergence and if we look back to the history of cinema or film making we realize that this has come a long way.

In that context, today, with limited attention span, fragmented focus and easy access to various streaming platforms, short films have become a major source of entertainment, weaving a myriad of stories in a short span of time.

With various film festivals recognizing the ingenuity, popularity and demand of this new format, short films today have become quite a sensation with their unique storytelling style. 

To this regard, we, the media students of the Inspiria knowledge campus, are also organizing a similar event under the umbrella of Inspiria TV named “Esperanza”. 

Esperanza meaning hope in Spanish is an annual e-media fest and a fundraising campaign organised by the media students and members of Inspiria TV that aims to unite the students from all over India to raise funds and help those suffering from COVID-19. This small initiative of Inspiria TV brings together students and provides them with a platform to showcase their talent. Our world has been fighting this deadly virus for the past couple of years and through all this time hope for a COVID free world has kept all of us going. We are all well aware of the fact that unity is strength, and we have seen our nation united in fighting this deadly virus and day by day coming closer to its dream of a COVID free nation.

After the grand success of “Esperanza,” last year that helped us raise funds for one of the leading child rights NGOs, Save the Children, and it’s The Invisible campaign. This year, Inspiria TV is hosting its second version of India’s Largest E-media fest “Esperanza 2.0 to help generate funds for those affected by the wrath of COVID-19. 

You can click on the link below to learn more about Esperanza. 

Know more about Esperanza:

Read about Esperanza 2.0:

Therefore, I invite all the storytellers who wish to showcase their talent and contribute to the nation with this fundraising campaign and help us fight the second wave of COVID-19 with zeal and enthusiasm. To take part in the short film, send us your submission and to learn more about the SHORT FILM check out the link below.

Learn more about the event “SHORT FILM”

Register yourself here

It’s an opportunity for students like us who can use our talents to contribute towards a cause. We are the pillars and the future of our nation. Any amount received will be donated to the work against COVID-19. It’s our turn now to be the ray of hope to our society. Remember that every contribution matters and every individual counts. If your talent can be a way of helping the ones in need, why not do it?

The second wave of Corona calls for a second wave of hope.

#Esperanza 2.0

– Sejal Upadhaya


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