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5 Common Facebook Myths

Facebook Myths Debunked!


If you’ve been on the internet for some time, you’ve come across memes revolving around ‘cyberspace’. These have been prevalent for as long as the word ‘internet’ has existed in our vocabulary. When Facebook was founded in 2004, it became the platform where people could connect and share things. Facebook, Inc. is an American online social media and also a social networking service company. It is established in Menlo Park, California. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, along with Harvard College students and his roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, as you’ve all seen in the movie, David Fincher’s “The Social Network”.

There are some myths about Fb which are not true. To bust these myths about Facebook read on…

Facebook Myths

5. Facebook is individually exclusive

One of the most daunting myths about Fb is that it is private. It is private but unless you do not change your ‘Account privacy settings’, some of your Fb posts are still public. New users are often not aware of this and believe that their friends can exclusively view their activity in their timeline.

4. Fb is eternal

Fb has the largest number of users but it can be imitated and improved withal. Other social media platforms have the ability to take away attention from it. Eventually, Fb could lose several of its users and advertisers. If Fb wants to stay in the market, it needs to continually develop and innovate new features that benefit both users and advertisers.

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3. Kids don’t use Facebook anymore

There is a massive amount of users in Fb who are below the age of 25. So even if other social media platforms like snapchat and twitter gain a lot of attention, Fb will still maintain it’s repertoire of users.

2. Using Fb is a bootless errand

One of the hulking myths surrounding Fb is that using it is a waste of time. Some people may use it as a medium to pass time but it can be put to good use. We can keep in touch with people. We can reach out to our relatives abroad. Fb basically offers various features to easily connect with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

1. Facebook stocks your pictures

Fb has jotted down in their company’s Terms of Service that they can use the pictures for commercial purposes. The people demanded the founder, Mark Zuckerberg to address the issue on the company’s blog immediately. Zuckerberg clarified that: even if the user deletes his or her account, the content from that account might still exist on any other users’ account. As a result, Fb needs licenses to share these images with other members related to the “Accounts privacy setting”. Zuckerberg had also expressed to the media that Fb had no intentions to sell it’s users’ pictures under any circumstances.

Contributed by: Dipshika Rai, Subhrajit Samanta

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