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10 Tips To Score Good Marks in Your Exams

Score Good Marks in Any Exam

Any method of study requires a thorough understanding of the subject. A clear conception of any subject/topic is a prime requisite for scoring good marks in any exam. Excellence in performance is based on understanding the core concepts of the subject.   A few points that help us to manage our time while preparing for any exam are listed below.


  1. It is essential to plan and organize your space for study. An organised place helps the student to concentrate.


  1. Keep distractions like Android phones out of sight and reduce screen time. Studies have proven that reducing screen time can enhance cognition and memorising abilities.


  1. The use of flow charts and diagrams can help you remember key points of the study material. Again, the text must be studied before you cram your head with irrelevant topics. When you move closer to exams, revision notes will help you in remembering crucial concepts.


  1. Writing sample answers are also a great help in determining the correct approach to writing answers. If you put your ideas on a definite frame, then it is likely that you discover not only the correct method to write answers but to also avoid making mistakes.

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  1. Study groups have a vital role in gearing one before the exam. Studying in a group will always ensure that you face challenges and questions from other group members. You might answer some as well as question others.


  1. Studying like a bookworm will get you nowhere as you are likely to get exhausted. So, taking short breaks in between study hours will help to relax the over exercised brain, which has a capacity to retain facts.


  1. In the exam hall a primary requisite is to read your questions attentively before answering any question. It will help you to choose the correct question, which you are more adept at answering.


  1. Strategize time while answering the questions so that all questions are answered according to the marks distribution. Time management in the examination hall reduces stress that eventually helps you in recalling and write better answers.


  1. Be systematic in your approach while answering and never deviate from what is being asked in the question. Answers rich in content helps you to score more.


  1. Finally, one must avoid to overburden with studies on the day of the exam as it may hamper your mental composure. You must be ready for an exam without taking much stress by boosting  confidence. This is done by planning your activities prior to the day of the exam. Only then will you be able to score higher marks in any exam.


Contributed by: Subhrajit Samanta


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