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Zodiac Series

Adventurous Aires

“They don’t have dreams, they have plans”

Have you ever come across people who either give their 100% and get hospitalized or 0% and pretend that you don’t even exist? If yes, then congrats you have met Aries. These people are ones born between the 21st of March to 19th of April. Although the dates do not sync with our calendar year, Aries are the first among 12 astrological zodiac signs. Born in the spring season, these signs are generally merry, adventurous and playful as a bright sunny day of spring or as scary as a stormy day when angered. Therefore you can say that these signs come with a tagline that says “handle with care”. These signs are generally very competitive and love to be number one and maybe that is the reason that they are the first among the other twelve zodiac signs. Out of the four elements, Aries is a fire sign, and its astrological symbol is represented by a Ram constellation and those born under this constellation are known to be confident, impulsive, adventurous and brave. 

People born under this sign are unwilling to compromise in their beliefs, ideas and ideals. Aries are the perfect amalgamation of the innocence and egocentric nature. Being completely influenced by the Ram constellation Aries are the born leaders. They love to be in charge of others provided that they don’t just sit and wait for an opportunity to knock on their doors but they go on and make their destiny. Aries always wants to be number one and it is no surprise that they are the first ones to dive headfirst into the challenges and competition. Therefore the best way to motivate Aries will be to turn anything into a contest and ask them to compete. Their fearlessness and courageous nature make them the right person to go on an adventure with and try new experiences. But above all people born under this sign are not tied to their past which makes them the most optimistic sign filled with unbridled hope. If ever fallen into a mess, Aries will leave no stones unturned to get out of the situation, they don’t believe in cribbing about the situation but would rather find a solution. The adventurous nature of Aries also makes them very creative; they are not the ones who will go with the flow, they are the ones who pave their own artistic and creative path. Doing the same tasks day in and day out is not a cup of tea for Aries, they are brave and will happily embrace any challenges that come their way. 

The same courage and optimism that keeps them moving forward in their life can turn out to be reckless if not channelled properly. Because people born under this sign do not think of the consequences of their actions, which turns out to be problematic for them and they end up learning the hard way when certain things don’t go the way they expect them to be. And since Aries are competitive, often losing competitions or not getting the things they want can cause an outburst of anger in them. This stands out to be one of the biggest problems faced by Aries as they do not know how to keep their anger in control. And this may be the result of two things; your lack of patience and your impulsive behaviour. Also, their competitive nature makes them very selfish, they always want the best for themselves. They always want to do better than those around them, they do not believe in holding someone else’s hand when faced with their problems. They will channel all their energy into it and try to solve it on their own rather than letting someone else do it because of their competitive nature. 

Apart from these, Aries loves to be around people who like to have fun and are energetic. They make an excellent partner, friend or a coworker you will never feel dull around an Aries. Talking about romantic relationships if you are not a bold person being with Aries can come up as a shock to you. Like every other thing Aries will be the first one to dive into the relationship, they are not shy to express what they feel and this nature of Aries means that they are romantic and passionate. Similarly, in friendships, they will make a lot of friends and generally turn out to be the life of the party due to their energy. These signs are also known to be very good at sports since all their traits combined make them good sportsmen. These zodiac signs have a lot of energy to spend and are willing to do almost anything so don’t be afraid to engage with them in a bit of a friendly, flirty or adventurous conversation. 

-Sejal Upadhaya


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