Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health- Break the Stigma

Mental Health- Break the Stigma

A world that’s fighting an unremitting war against a virus that is responsible for the loss of millions of lives; a nation that’s struggling for something as basic as survival-Oxygen! With the economy of the nation dropping, the unemployment rate climbing upwards, the work flows and the education systems adapting to the digital way, there’s something that although being a crucial part of the life, it often goes unheeded- the Mental Health. Still seen as a taboo by many with the stigma surrounding it, what people fail to notice is, it’s importance and how vital it is for the overall sound health of one’s life. Mental Health is often regarded as being inconsequential than Physical Health, but the truth is it is as important as Physical Health and is responsible for the way people think, the way people act and the way they cope up with life. It is present during all stages of life: Childhood-Adolescence-Adulthood-Old age.

The month of May is the Mental Health Awareness Month wherein the people are again reminded of the one thing through various awareness campaigns, this year through the online platforms: Mental Health is something that people should care about and its impact on one’s overall health. With the waves of the COVID-19 hitting back, everything is slipping into a decline state and so is the mental health of the people. People were accustomed to spending time socializing with others and being around the ones they loved (after all humans are social animals!) and then unexpectedly they are coerced into living inside the four walls with no social life, some are even going through this tough time alone with no loved ones by their side. During such times, the mental health of the person being affected is bound to happen! People hesitate to talk of their mental health with the fear of being judged, with the fear that it might go unheard, with the fear that people will start thinking less of them. The way people cater to their physical health, the same way they should pay heed to their mental health. It’s high time people end the stigma surrounding this.

The COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions have had an intense influence on the mental health of people among all ages. Now, more than ever, is the time to bury down the stigma so that the ones who need help regarding their mental health state can seek out help and assure them that it’s okay, not to be okay. And the bright side of the story is that there has been a formation of understanding among many people about Mental health, they have started to value it, there is awareness among them, although people have learnt it the hard way, they have finally learned.

Here are a few ways which one can follow to lend a hand and contribute towards spreading the awareness about Mental Health.

  •       Volunteer- get yourself associated with the organizations that are actively involved in spreading the awareness.
  •       Lend an ear when someone is talking about their mental health state and have patience while listening.
  •       Check upon your loved ones and your friends, there’s no harm in making the first conversation!
  •       Do not force someone to open up about their mental health if they are not comfortable talking about it yet.
  •       And when one is opening up do not let their talk vanish into the thin air, encourage them and assure them that this time too shall pass.

Mental Health is not a hush-hush topic after all!

-Rakshanda Shrestha

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