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Lens and Stories : A Journey in Visual Storytelling & Documentary Filmmaking 

In the gentle embrace of May, on the 23rd day, Inspiria Knowledge Campus transformed into a beacon of creativity and narrative brilliance. The event, known as “Lens and Stories,” was a celebration of vision and voice, where the young minds of the 1st and 2nd-year students from the Department of Media Science, unfurled their wings and showcased their remarkable talents. The campus buzzed with excitement as these students unveiled their creative endeavors: 5 compelling documentaries and 6 evocative photo books.

The ambiance was electric, filled with a palpable sense of anticipation and pride. Each documentary came to life on the screen, A vibrant showcase of the students’ commitment and mastery in storytelling. These films were not mere visuals but windows into diverse worlds, rich with emotion, culture, and untold stories. The audience, comprising peers, mentors, and curious onlookers, was drawn into these narratives, journeying through the myriad experiences and perspectives captured by these young filmmakers.

Amidst this creative showcase, the photobooks stood as silent yet powerful narrators of visual poetry. Each page turned was a revelation, a glimpse into the soul of the photographer who had carefully curated moments of beauty, struggle, joy, and reflection. The photobooks invited viewers to pause, to linger, and to immerse themselves in the intricate dance of light and shadow, of moments frozen in time. In addition, the students created 6 audio-visuals alongside the printed photo books which were also screened along with the documentaries.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed members of the local media, their discerning eyes and insightful minds ready to appreciate and celebrate the burgeoning talent before them. These media professionals were more than attendees; they were honored guests, recognized for their pivotal role in amplifying the voices of the next generation of storytellers.

Dr. Indrajit Chatterjee, the esteemed principal of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, took the stage with an air of pride and humility. His words resonated deeply with the values of the institution – the nurturing of talent, the encouragement of creative expression, and the fostering of intellectual growth. In a heartfelt gesture, he felicitated each media member, acknowledging their contribution to the arts and their support for the students’ endeavors. His commendations were more than mere formalities; they were expressions of gratitude and recognition, underscoring the collaborative spirit that defines Inspiria.


The Documentary segment, carefully curated by media students, exemplifies their talent and dedication. Through this showcase, they present remarkable documentaries that highlight their passion and perseverance. Covering a wide range of subjects and storytelling techniques, these emerging filmmakers provide unique insights into pressing issues, personal stories, and societal phenomena. Every detail, from thorough research to thoughtful cinematography, reflects their creativity and commitment. This segment not only celebrates their accomplishments but also inspires aspiring filmmakers, demonstrating the power of storytelling to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and drive positive change.

Kaleidoscopic Nail Strokes

Duration – 12 mins 

Parampreet Dutta

The documentary centers around Ajoy Kumar Sarkar, a unique artist known for his unconventional approach to nail art. While we’re accustomed to artists using brushes to create masterpieces, Ajoy Sir has carved out his niche by painting with his own nails for the past decade.

बस्ती : A Compulsion to Survive 

Duration – 17 mins 

Rahul Singh Bisht

 “बस्ती: A Compulsion to Survive” delves into the lives of Kulipara slum-dwellers in Siliguri, showcasing their daily struggles. Through intimate interviews and footage, it exposes the harsh realities of poverty and the drive to survive.

Souls of Chowrasta 

Duration – 15 mins

Suwarna Thapa

“Souls of Chowrasta” offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of the people of Darjeeling, focusing on the vibrant and bustling town square known as Chowrasta. This documentary delves into the daily lives and resilient spirit of the town’s vendors and hawkers, highlighting personal stories of individuals residing there.

The Voice Of GORKHA 

Duration – 9 mins 

Apner Khati

“The Gorkhaland Struggle” is a documentary delving into West Bengal’s socio-political landscape, spotlighting the Gorkha community’s demand for a separate state. Through interviews and archival footage, the film explores the historical, cultural, and political facets of this movement.

A Trip to Glory

Duration – 10 mins

Mandira Das

The story sheds light on the strength and determination of Mampi Roy as she pursues her goals despite facing various challenges in her life, including major surgery, financial issues, depression, and loneliness.

Photo Books

The Photobook section, curated by first-year media students, is a testament to their creativity and dedication. This exhibit features their meticulously crafted photobooks, each showcasing their passion and artistic vision. Through captivating visuals and narratives, these budding photographers delve into a diverse range of themes and subjects. From urban landscapes to intimate portraits, each photobook reveals the unique perspectives and talents of its creator. This segment not only celebrates the achievements of these aspiring photographers but also inspires fellow students and enthusiasts, highlighting the profound impact of visual storytelling in evoking emotions, sparking contemplation, and capturing the essence of life.


“HOME” is a four-letter term with no clear definition, yet everyone has a different interpretation. Just because you were raised there or it’s where your family lives doesn’t always mean that area has to become your home.  Is it appropriate to use material possessions to define our home, or is a roof over our heads enough? Yes, you are at the proper place if your response is No. A four wall room with zero difficulties but without emotions adds up to be a house not a home .


This photo book delves into the lives of women working in the informal sector, offering a candid portrayal of their daily struggles and contributions. Through raw and unembellished photography, we capture these women as they navigate their roles not only as workers but also as mothers and wives. The images depict the physical demands of their jobs and the often overlooked significance of their labor in supporting our economy and society.


In the shadows, where nobody is watching, resides a dark truth of our society that our group has endeavored to illuminate. “ADDICTION” is a major problem today, because the reasons behind it are far too complicated to be understood, a common misconception that surrounds this topic is attributing blame to either the individual or the substance alone. However, addiction isn’t merely a result of a  passing urge for a cigarette drag or the allure of a compelling substance. Rather addiction is a battle within the mind, a struggle neither confined to affluence nor restricted by age. It affects the lives of both the privileged and the underprivileged, affecting individuals across all walks of life.

“Lens and Stories” was more than an event; it was a vivid mosaic of aspirations, and creative journeys. As the day unfolded, it became a testament to the power of storytelling through visual mediums, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. The sunset that evening bathed the campus in a golden glow, symbolic of the bright futures awaiting these young artists. The echoes of their stories lingered, promising that this was just the beginning of a long and illustrious journey in the world of visual storytelling.

For the Department of Media Science, this is only the beginning. The horizon is vast, and the journey has just begun. More stories await to be told, more lenses await to capture the unseen, and a world of endless possibilities beckons.

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Lens and Stories : A Journey in Visual Storytelling & Documentary Filmmaking 

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