Smart Planet

Are we proceeding towards an era of what is called the “Smart-Planet”?

“Human Brain size Decreasing with Book volume Decreasing”

Technological advancement has revolutionized the way humans lead their lives. The advent of modern technology has undeniably brought so much of comfort for its users. When it comes to getting an access to reliability and efficiency, automation has successfully catered to the needs of every individual who desire to lead an easier and hassle-free life.

It has also given birth to various gadgets. One such is the mobile phones. The history of mobile phones has developed from time to time since its first invention by Martin Cooper in 1973. With each passing year, mobile phone undergoes tech-transformations and today they are equipped with superior technology thus entering into the era of smartphones. They go beyond the basic phone capabilities. The usage of internet has evenly complimented the proper utilization of smartphones.

Internet is probably one of the most influential inventions of all times. It is because the Internet provides unlimited sources, people are utilizing it more than they ought to. Internet not only provides access to information and data but also it serves as a platform for entertainment. The history of Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s and today it is considered to be the greatest invention of the 20th century. Smartphones with access to Internet help the user to run smooth operations and get access to many other sources besides information. With this progression we can already see how it has changed the dynamics from ‘broadcast to podcast’. This generation has already witnessed how the term “global village” coined by Marshall McLuhan has become a reality in terms of connectivity through the integrated electronic network, holistic convenience and ‘cool factor’.

Internet serves as a collaborative platform of infotainment wherein people can easily access books, music, movies through high quality streaming channels such as YouTube, Netflix and many more. Undoubtedly the smartphones have taken over other digital devices with much ease. Hence, “smart-phone” converts into the term “smart-planet”.

It’s allowance has persuaded people of an easier way to network and build connections which has added a greater relevance ever since the launch of various social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, the news apps which enable people to socialize and also allow them to create their own space where they can share their ideas and experiences.

With the recent processes of digitization or digitalization of information wherein books, newspapers, journals and various essays are converted into digital format our very creations are heading into the concept of what will come to be known as a “Smart-planet”.

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Video Clip by: Sourav Gupta, Sushmita Mallick

Featured Image by: Ananya Paul

Contributed by: Samiyo Dong


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