Top 5 Upcoming Events

Top 5 Upcoming Events

Top 5 Upcoming Events

The lockdown feels like a never-ending summer vacation that formerly we all craved, but now, it’s too much. And in such a situation we all are constantly seeking for things to keep us involved as well as relaxed at the same time. Well fret not, we are here to inform you about the top five exciting upcoming events. Nowadays, events unite people from all walks of life together, enhancing the bonds between them. An event can be entertaining, and not to mention the fun part of it. We have brought you exciting events you can explore. Every month is stuffed with spectacular events, you got this. Ready?

1.Esperanza 2.0

One of the many things that COVID-19 has taught us is how to cope up with the virtual world. Earlier people were in a dilemma on how to deal with this situation through virtual connection, but adaptability is what human nature is all about. Therefore, now not only works are done online but also events are being conducted. Esperanza is one such fundraising event conducted by the media students of Inspiria knowledge campus under the wing of Inspiria TV. The event aims to raise funds and donate them for the benefit of the COVID affected people. It’s an initiative to contribute towards the nationwide fight against coronavirus. 

Esperanza, as we all know, means “hope” and last year for the very first time, we held Esperanza to help millions suffering the wrath of the virus. In the second year of India’s largest e-media fest, Esperanza 2.0 aims to unite students from all over India and provide a platform to unleash their inner talents. The events include,Poetry, Art, Dancing, Singing, PR, Photo Manipulation, Photography, Fashion, Short Film and Speak Your Mind Out. Therefore, we invite everyone to join us in this noble cause on 10th and 11th July.  

Know more about Esperanza:

If you wish you can also donate any desired amount on the following link below that will be  donated for the education of children who are deprived of it. Every individual is coming forward in this time of difficulty and now it’s our turn now to be the ray of hope to our society. Remember that every contribution matters and every individual counts. If you are capable of helping the ones in need, why not do it?

Click on this link and help us serve children in need of education.

The second wave of Corona calls for a second wave of hope.

#Esperanza 2.0

2.Media Expo 2021 (3-5 Sep)

Backed up by two decades of prosperous experience, Media Expo New Delhi is an unquestionably trusted business platform that gives rise to multiple brands and budding entrepreneurs, leading them to a successful future in indoor and outdoor advertising & signage solutions. With the revolutionary success of the Media Expo, New Delhi allows you to showcase your ingenious technology. The Media Expo provides the most impressive buyer-seller interaction and networking, not to mention the great insights about the industry.  media Expo provided-An insightful showcase of trendsetting products under many segments. Preferred destinations for the new creation of branding and advertising solutions. Crucial opportunities for establishing your own business. Meet with global professionals from the industry.

3.Virtual Indian Art Festival (11-13 July)

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a tremendous shift to the art industry. It is visible how people are shifting towards electronic media looking for ways to connect, unite, and share. With the benefit of the platform, artists can show their talent via online platforms. The Virtual Indian Art Festival is specially built for online art fairs and gives opportunities to artists, connecting with visual art audiences. The first edition was a huge achievement considering the new platform to view and buy art. Thousands of artworks were displayed. 

Indian Art Festival, a modern art fair established in 2011. Gives opportunity to art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designers, architects, and art experts. The Indian Art Festival (IAF) alongside mid-level and major art galleries furnishes the opportunity for young independent artists to showcase their talent and discover the industry along with industry professionals. 

4.2021 India international trade fair.

The IITF India International Trade Fair is a worldwide consumer goods fair. With the wide range of variety and different segments, this event captivates audiences and it is very eminent among exhibitors. Here, visitors can gain knowledge on the latest products and trends in various industries.

This is the biggest incorporated trade fair with both B2B and B2C components. It is one of the most successful trade fairs in the world. It provides a huge platform for the trade industry, funding buyers, business interaction, and marketing solutions. 

5.India Electronics Week (Wed, 21 Jul 2021 – Fri, 23 Jul 2021)


India Electronics Week strives to expand the development of smarter products in India. To attain this purpose, IEW has accumulated to become a technology-centric exhibit that showcases the latest developments, solutions, and enterprise best practices–involving structure and manufacture electronics–to make products smarter and innovative.

Everyone can “Profit from IOT”. This is an assumption that steers Whether you are working for an industrial monarchy or developing solutions to serve them, whether you are running an engineering team or you are a trainee enrolling in the industry—all of us can benefit from IOT. Some will achieve a successful career, others will have their costs reduced. 

-Sreema Shaw

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