Inspiria Tv anniversary.

Inspiria TV turns three

Inspiria TV turns 3

Spread the word in locality, it’s Inspiria TV’s third anniversary!!!

Well, it’s a day of happiness and pride as Inspiria TV celebrates its third anniversary. As we all know, Inspiria TV is a media platform run by the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The foundation stone of Inspiria Tv was laid on the 9th of July, 2018 and since then there has been no looking back. We, the members of Inspiria Tv, refer to ourselves as “budding professionals” as Inspiria Tv continuously pushes us towards a world of professionalism, determination and dedication. It’s a platform that propagates the idea of teamwork and ensures that everyone in the team is heard and respected, and over the span of the last three years, the channel has inculcated creativity, skill and talent in each student who has been a part of this platform. Inspiria TV emulates real-life simulations by providing an environment of fast paced work and delivery mechanisms that is at par with established media houses. 

It was Mr Atul Gupta, the managing trustee of the Inspiria Knowledge campus who initiated the idea of Inspiria TV, and the brain child of Ms Steffi Prasad, assistant professor and head of the media science department along with seventeen students who were the founding members of Inspiria TV. Inspiria TV wouldn’t be what it is today without the continuous support of Mr Rahul Gupta (the head of operations), Mr Indrajit Chatterjee (head of academics), Ms Ritomaitree Sarkar (Assistant professor) and Dr Shatabdi Som (Assistant Professor). 

It started with 17 students but today boasts of 50 working members.  Over a period of three years, it has seen and mentored some promising writers, filmmakers, marketers, video editors, photographers and graphic designers and fulfilled its promise to make them industry-ready. Initially, it had departments such as Public Relations, Advertising and Sales, Marketing, Events, Blogs, Production, Graphics, Research and development and recently Inspiria tv has extended its territory with the addition of sound and music department. Over the years, Inspiria TV has organised events such as Inspiria TV awards, Inspire with portraits, Masquerade Ball and India’s Largest E- media fest Esperanza and campaigns such as My Story and Save Water. 

All of us here are extremely proud of the growth and development of Inspiria TV as well as all the members associated with it. It was started by the media students but its glory has also attracted the students from other departments of Inspiria. The founding members nurtured this platform with love and dedication and passed on the legacies to their successors who in turn have invested the same amount of love and dedication to this platform and in the coming years we hope to see the same cycle of growth in Inspiria TV.

Lastly, happy birthday Inspiria TV! Cheers to three years of success and many more years to come. 

Sejal Upadhaya

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