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Top 5 indie songs of September you don’t wanna miss out on

Thinking of exploring the indie genre , here are a few top tracks from September to help you catch up with indie music, HAPPY LISTENING.

  1. Fallen Star- The Neighbourhood
    With deep lyrics, Jesse Rutherford sings about separations which says a lot about him personally. The song is the perfect one to vibe to on a post breakup period. Catchy and reflective lyrics makes this song to climb onto the list.
  2. Especially You- Wallows
    The brand new album from Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters , Tell Me That Its Over makes listeners go through different and early phases of a relationship from songs like Hard to believe to Hurts Me. With catchy, fuzzy and uplifting vibes this song is a go to.
  3. How are you true – Cage the Elephant
    Cage the elephant, has probably one of the best experiences in this genre, and know exactly how indie music works. Although a bit aged , the 2015 album Tell Me That I’m Pretty , has served the genre reasonably. The song radiates reflective vibes while the lyrics are rough and the tone is chilled at the same time.
  4. Do I wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys :-
    The greatest hit that Arctic Monkeys has probably ever produced. The song is more of an anthem amongst youth these days. A perfect song to get you in the mood after a tired weekend. The song can be expressed as catchy and melodious at the same time.
  5. Paris- 1975 :-
    If you are looking for an indie song to dance to right when you get down from your bed, this is for you. With danceable uplifting tones, this song is certainly one to listen to.
    Bonus:- If u have read it till here, congrats , you get a bonus track , drumrolls please
    All I need to hear – 1975 does not disappoint us with their new release All I need to hear, with classic indie pop sounds, and deep melancholic lyrics , you surely are goanna love this from the very first tap on the play button.

    Here is a playlist curated, just so you don’t wander around searching for the songs. Have a great day and keep listening. e=copy-link

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