Significance of the time 3 a.m.

Significance of the time 3 a.m.

Zzzzzzz… Zzzzzzz…. Zzz…. You just woke up from sleep. You find it is still pitch dark outside the window. The digital clock with its blood red light says it is 3 A.M. in the morning!!!! The lizard from nowhere starts its Gecko sound… “chuck..chuck…chuck..” and your sensory organs get an extra alert. Happened right?

Well, many of us would be familiar with this particular situation. While some of us wouldn’t even dare to look at the clock, because we anticipate it might be that hour — the devilish hour!
But ever wondered why 3 o’clock in the morning is considered the“Hour of the Dark” or simply “Unholy” or is it even legit enough to believe as in if such a thing exists or not?……… Let’s check it out!

The Church says…
Though it doesn’t have anything to say about 3 a.m. specifically, there is a thing known as the “Devil’s hour” or “Devil’s time” in popular culture. According to the Gospel reports, Lord Jesus passed away at 3 p.m. Since The Devil exists and always stands against God — the hour of 3 a.m. (which is the exact opposite of 3 p.m.) is believed to be the time of the Devil. It is the opposite team in the evident challenge of demons to imagine Christ mocking the Holy Trinity.


While there are some other explanations for it which say as due to the enormous amount of sins committed at 3 a.m. the Communion of Satan often awakens individuals at this specific time of the
day to prompt them to pray for others.

Hinduism says…


“Brahma Muhurta” is considered to be the Brahma time which is approximately between 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. The span of time is believed to be“The Creator’s Hour”. To be more precise, the time between 3:20 a.m. to 3.40 a.m. is the Brahma Muhurta. It is believed that this is the best time one can connect oneself with the higher frequency of the universe. Exceptional, extraordinary and unusual changes take place during this time. It is also a time of hope and opportunities.

Rise of the time of Death


Specialists say that 3:33 a.m. symbolizes satanic influence or “satanism” as it is exactly half of the number 666, the Devil’s number. There is a theory which supports the view that the living world and the world of death are in liaison, letting demons and spirits communicate with people crossing more rapidly than at other times of the day.



Scientific clarification
The scientific explanation is by far the most promising among all the above mentioned theories.


Sometimes the reason behind why people wake up is because they change their body position several times while sleeping. Waking up numerous times at night also coincides with a gradual change from one sleep stage to another. They wake up for such a short period that they hardly recollect anything later in the morning.
Science says that a person wakes up about 7 to 15 times every night!
Flabbergasted right? Nevertheless, this is absolutely a normal phenomenon. So, the next time your sleep breaks in or around the “Brahma Muhurta”, don’t get startled. Just relax and look for the “sign”.
Thank You.

Credits: Abhishikta Roy

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