Zodiac Series- Taurus

Taurus- Long Lost Lovers

Taurus- Long Lost Lovers

“ Work hard, play hard”

Very practical and well-grounded are those born between the 20th of April and 20th May. Seeking solace in the beauty of nature is the very nature of a person born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Taureans, just like bulls that represent them, are intelligent, strong, hardworking and dependable but above all, they know how to harvest the fruits of their labour. They don’t shy away from hard work and extremely value consistency and stability. And anyone that endangers their sense of security should be ready to face their tour de force!  

Having a fixed modality; people born under this sign tend to be more persistent, reliable and stable but above all Taureans value honesty. So don’t try to pull fast on them, they will never repent you if they find out about your deception. As mentioned above Taurus doesn’t shy away from hard work and can go to extremes to get their jobs done but it’s not all about work for Taurus, as an earth sign ruled by planet Venus( goddess of love ) they also have a strong liking for luxurious and cosy lifestyle, with a taste for finer things life, a Taurus knows how to relax and make best out the time. Taureans are equally inclined towards romantic relationships. But they are not the ones to rush hard and fast towards relationships with anyone. They prefer to have stability and perfection. It might take a little more time for them to make you MJ to their Peter Parker ( or vice versa). Just remember to stay consistent and true to them, because they value integrity above all. Which also makes them good friends, you can always expect a Taurus to be true to your face. In other words, we can say Taureans are the Hufflepuff of the zodiac signs, which means as a friend they are trustworthy and dependable. You can rely on them because they would never cheat on any of the Quidditch matches, nor would lie to you about the dress you think looks cute on you, but in reality, it doesn’t.

Now just like bulls, people born under the Taurus zodiac are known to be very set in their ways which people sometimes tend to confuse with stubbornness, and on being questioned on the same they’ll simply tell you that it’s just the way they are and nothing more than that. And again this response of theirs makes them resistant to change without altering their previous opinion of them being stubborn. Additionally, their desire for pleasure-seeking and living a luxurious life can make them a little hedonistic and sometimes even self-centred. It can also sometimes make them lazy as Taurus love procrastinating their work to get an extra five mins of sleep in the morning. On the other hand, bulls are very hardworking and perfectionists, if things aren’t perfect it wouldn’t take them to stand up and walk away without even blinking an eye!

If you ever encounter a Taurus at your workplace then make sure you put them in charge of projects that require thorough research and intense amounts of attention. But however their intense attention makes it difficult for them to handle more than one work at a time, they can be so invested in one that others might remain incomplete, so make sure to go with one at a time formula. Now moreover Taurus traits can go in one of the two ways when specially it comes to education and work-related stuff, either they can be more indulgent or indolent. If you are a Taurus that falls in the former category, remember to take pauses and ask for help if necessary, and for those in the latter category, it’s time to wake up and push yourself a little bit. After all, you too are a Taurus. You know how to get your life back on track. 

-Sejal Upadhaya.

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