7 Spiritual Meaning Of Waking Up At 3 AM

  1. Being Hard On Yourself
    Waking up continuously by 3 am could signify that you’re too hard on yourself. It means that you’re your worst critic and struggle with perfectionism. Because of this, when you or people cannot achieve that set standard of yours, you become frustrated and angry with yourself. Waking up by 3 am is a way your guardian angel is trying to let you know that you’re too hard on yourself and that you should probably take it easy on yourself.
  2. Sign Of Spiritual Awakening
    Waking up by 3 am every day is not a common sign, but you have to watch out and know if you’re experiencing other spiritual awakening signs. Such signs include having intense emotional experiences often out of nowhere, having harsh realizations about the nature of existence and having similar situations repeat so you can react differently.
  3. You Need Guidance And Direction
    Waking up by 3 am might be a sign that you’re confused about going about the new phase of life you have started because a lot is still very new to you. So you’re waking up at a spiritual witching hour not necessarily a bad thing to absorb more of the information that you need. Therefore, it means that you’re in pressing need of guidance and direction in this new path that you have started all you have to do is to pray for God’s divine direction.
  4. You Are About To Have A Spiritual Change
    Waking up by 3 am is a sign that you’re about to have a spiritual encounter with the supreme being, so all you should do is pay attention carefully over the next couple of days or a few weeks because God is about to answer your prayers. This spiritual experience could be what renews your faith in God and reminds you of his power.
  5.  A Sign That You Should Take Action On Your Dreams
    The number three symbolizes life and abundance. This, therefore, means that when you wake up continuously at 3 am every day, it is a sign from your guardian angel that you’re being encouraged to follow your dreams and aspirations. This might come from the recent thoughts you might have been having about your life if you had accomplished any of the things you had dreamed of achieving when you start waking up by 3 am every day.
  1. Energies Are Trying To Communicate With You
    3 a.m. the time in the day during which the veil between dimensions is considerably at its lowest, so at this time, energies may be trying to communicate with you. These energies could be that of past loved ones or your guardian angels. It is also possible that you’re now more sensitive to
    subtle energies. Your body is waking itself up when more is happening in the physical world.
  2. A Baby Will Be Born Soon
    Constant waking up by 3 am can also signify the coming of a new baby. It is an excellent sign for every expectant parent to rejoice because a new life will be brought into the world. It can also happen when a woman is pregnant, especially when she is close to her delivery date. She starts
    waking unexpectedly by 3 am.

Credits: Suwarna

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