SAY, AYE! INMUN – Hub Of Diplomats

MUNs weren’t in style about 10 years back, were they? Seriously delegates, get a grip! Model United Nations are totally trendy, and representing personalities and nations are considered cool now. These real-life UN simulations have a whole circuit in our city now, and we think you should downright be a part of Inspiria’s next MUN!

On the 23rd of September, Inspiria witnessed the inauguration of the first-ever Model United Nations it had ever held! However, this dream was born quite a while back. People have worked hard to make it a reality, and calling it merely a success would be the understatement of the year! This event was divided into six riveting committees: Human Rights Council, Lok Sabha, NATO, General Assembly, Security Council and Press Correspondents. These committees gave us some serious diplomatic goals. Our day started with an opening ceremony with some insightful speeches and a beautiful song! Well, that was the relaxing part. Then started the committee sessions. Sessions that kept our delegates on the edge of their seats! From the goosebumps-worthy opening statements to the intriguing debate sessions, each committee strived to do its best. The Executive Board had been invited from different universities, schools and cities and they displayed exemplary diplomacy! Students made mistakes and they learnt from mistakes, they made rebuttals and they learnt from counter-rebuttals! Isn’t that how we GROW?

Well, heads of state and governments, we haven’t forgotten about the most exciting part of MUNs: Socials. Unlike the usual conferences, Inspiria decided to organize a two-day party! The first day witnessed a one-hour dance party, with none other than our secretary general as the DJ. The second day witnessed an even bigger part. DJ Jennifer was invited and trust us when we tell you, the students grooved until their feet hurt and they danced until the music stopped! That’s how impressive the event was.

Our volunteers were on their toes during the entire conference, under the chief of staff. The USG and the ASG officials overlooked every little glimpse of the forum. The deputy secretary general was from our very own college and he ensured that everything went according to their plan. The secretary general and external advisor took over their duties as well, and it almost seemed like they were also one of our very own students! Our MUN coordinators and the creative head were faculty members from Inspiria itself, the 3-day spectacle wouldn’t have been possible without them. Every event has its own charm and its own speciality. Well delegates, our showcase moment was the tribunal conference of an emergency crisis between three different committees! Sounds complex, doesn’t it? Siliguri witnessed its first triangular conference in Inspiria and we couldn’t be more proud! It was all possible from the hard work of our Executive Board members and our crisis director who planned everything on a zoom meeting from Geneva.

The closing ceremony was as exciting as our opening ceremony. Everyone was tired but that didn’t stop us from cheering as loud as we could! There was an unconventional band performance and a dance routine too. Awards were distributed, mementos were given out. Inspiria’s MUN couldn’t have ended on a better note! See you in the next edition of INMUN, trust us, we are returning sooner than you think. You’ll be banging the table sooner than you think!

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