Fear of Public Speaking! Tips and Tricks!

The fear of public speaking is called glossophobia (stage fright). This state of response by many beginners is generally confused with anxiety. Public Speaking is one of the most fearful activities a person can think of participating in since most people are afraid to express themselves in front of others. They quiver at the thought of public speaking and consider it to be a herculean task.

Public speaking can be quite arduous to perform. There are numerous ways to overcome one’s fear of public speaking. There are multiple public speaking platforms where people can actively participate and learn the fundamentals of public speaking: the ways to tackle anxiety, body postures/gestures, appropriate choice of vocabulary and so on. These can help a person induce confidence and make progress with the same.

Fear of Public Speaking

Practice makes a man perfect”. We are often used to hearing this term but how likely do we imply the same in our daily lives?

Well, we need to start practicing if we want to make progress.  In order to become a good speaker, we need to make preparations beforehand and start practicing. It is always advisable to read books, learning at least two new words a day and indulging more in communication practices, be it with friends, family or with self.

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Generally, the audience is more focused on listening to how the speech is being addressed than what is being said. It is important that the speech is delivered properly and with utmost confidence. Lack of self-esteem is essentially what leads to glossophobia. When you identify a fear and discipline yourself to move towards it, it grows smaller and more manageable. What’s more; as your fear lessens, your confidence grows.  Soon, your fear loses its grasp over you. In contrast, when you run away from a fear-inducing situation or person, your fear grows behemothic. In order to tackle  our insecurities we have to deal with the situation directly.

As Shakespeare said “Take arms against a sea of troubles, and in so doing end them.” When you force yourself to face any fear-inducing situation in your life, your self-esteem goes up, self-respect increases, and the sense of personal pride grows. You eventually reach a point in life where you are not afraid of anything and that’s how you overcome fear, your biggest enemy!

Contributed by: Rani Sharma, Samiyo Dong

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