Upcoming Media events

Upcoming Media Events in 2021

Upcoming Media Events 2021

What are events? Speaking personally, events are a platform that bring together different people and join them in a myriad of experiences and shared learnings. It can also work as a focal point for people to accelerate their professional growth with a chance meeting with various experts at such places. Today with keeping the current circumstances in lieu most events have shifted to the digital space, but the enthusiasm has remained constant and the flow hasn’t been obstructed as now some of the events.

Mentioned below is a list of few Upcoming Media Events in 2021 that will take you on a ride of some spectacular events that you would not want to miss!

  • Umeed Ke Sur: Are you someone who finds solace in the songs and it’s your getaway in dreadful situations, like in the current scenario, the COVID-19? Or you are a huge fan of the man who when starts singing doesn’t fail to capture your heart, Jubin Nautiyal?! Well then! This is the perfect opportunity for you all to watch him sing live in a Concert on 19th June at 9 PM that also happens to be a fundraiser event organized by the ‘non-for-profit’ organization, Sewa International. Jubin Nautiyal and Sewa International with their partners have joined hands and pledged to support the communities in the Himalayan Region. And for this they need your help and support. Join in their movement, every little bit will help save lives. The funds that will be collected through this event shall go to the long-term rehabilitation of the Himalayan communities and help the Himalayas breathe.

An event where you can participate and relax and enjoy the soothing songs, a treat to your ears! as well as lend a hand towards a cause and be of help to someone in this time of tragedy. You can grab the tickets for this event on PaytmInsider where the event will go live too.

  • Esperanza 2.0: In between the ongoing chaotic mess, there’s only one thing that’s keeping the people sane- HOPE. A hope for a better tomorrow, a hope for the COVID-19 free world, a hope for being able to roam freely without having to fear about contracting the virus, a hope for a mask-free nation. And this is exactly what this online event is all about, the name of the event itself delivers the essence (Esperanza is a Spanish term that means Hope). Esperanza is India’s largest E-media fest organized by Inspiria TV which is a student run media of Inspiria Knowledge Campus in Siliguri, West Bengal. The first edition kick started on the 28th and 29th June 2020 and this year too it’s back with the 2nd edition igniting hope! The event is scheduled for the 10th and 11th July 2021, inviting participants from all over India which comprises college as well as school students from the 9th to 12th Standard. So, buckle up and participate in this event by finding your interest area as it has 14 gripping events which would help your work to be featured and known across the nation that you better not want to miss or enjoy this event as an audience! A chance to have one-to-one interaction with the jury and exciting prizes for those who score a win! The funds that would be raised through this event will be handed over to an organization working towards the COVID relief or similar goals.

Get ready to battle against this time of despair as the 2nd wave of Corona calls for the 2nd wave of Hope!

Here’s the registration link!


Know more about Esperanza 2.0


  • Shortfundy Annual Film Festival: With the availability of high functioning digital technology at a relatively affordable price, the hidden film makers inside the people have been emerging and short film making has been on the rise for a long time now. With the cinematography skills and the plot being as striking as big cinema projects, it has made its way into the heads of the film maker enthusiasts. If you too are one of such enthusiasts then this event is a must attend for you! SFAFF is the unique event in India which showcases talents to short film making and is the only annual International Short Film Festival taking place in India with awards in all categories. The event is scheduled for 25th July 2021, although the entries to this event have been closed but that should not stop you from missing out on the chance of learning news skills related to short film making and witnessing the works of others and learning from it which is always a plus point right?!
  • Kalinga Literary Festival: One of the biggest literary fests in India! Literary festivals are a great way to get in touch with like-minded people, give a rise to the creative side of yours and also discover the hidden gems. The Kalinga Literary Festivals which is held annually in the Indian City, Bhubaneshwar has come up with ‘KLF Bhava Samvad’ which is a virtual medium and it’s how the fest will be conducted this time, a way to keep the spirit of the Literary event intact among the people. The Coronavirus which has now been circling over the nation for a year has compelled many events to postpone or shift into the virtual platform and so has the KLF! It’s a great platform to showcase your creativity that the whole of the nation will be witnessing, your art will get a wide reach and recognition! Every year the event is held by Odisha Diary Foundation (ODF) & Rhythm Festival Pvt Ltd. The participants and the audiences can meet their favorite personae on the screens and inspire others and get inspired on the day of the event that’s being held between July 31st and august 1st.
  • Lucknow Literary Festival: Another Literary Festival which is scheduled to take place on 9th November 2021. It is, by far, India’s only literary festival organized solely on the independent efforts and endeavors of a youth organization which has an average team age of 24 years. The event is a venture of the LUCKNOW Society, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of promoting & conserving the Culture. This Literary Festival has been blessed with the inclusion of well-known names and faces that not only grace the event with their presence but also share their experiences and their learnings, their insights with the young minds as well as the old alike.

An event that you wouldn’t regret being a part of, but you would bring back with you the learnings and experiences.

Let’s come together for these spectacular events that unite India in the current scenario because Together We Can!

-Rakshanda Shrestha

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