College Diaries- Character Introduction | Web Series


College Diaries is a web series being created by the students of BSc. Media Science of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The first season will consist of five episodes and will be premiered on Inspiria TV Youtube page and will also be available on the Inspiria TV website, i.e., It follows eight lead characters Amaira, Angadh, Zoya, Yash, Armaan, Sullu, Mrinal and Khushi. The series is about some college students where each of them possess different character traits and are busy on their own world. Stay tuned to know how these characters come along with their lifestyle and conquer their passion and dream.


  • Simran Dalai as Amaira Raichand
  • Swarup Goswami as Angadh Mallick
  • Shreya Sarkar as Zoya Balakrishnan
  • Akash Paswan as Yash Kumar Paswan
  • Prasant Chhetri as Armaan Lepcha
  • Tulsi Pradhan as Sullu Arora
  • Ishaak Sharma as Mrinal Dong
  • Tanisha Awasthi as Khushi Agarwal


Script Writers

  • Simran Dalai
  • Tanisha Awasthi
  • Swarup Goswami
  • Mrityunjoy Roy
  • Uma Devi


Camera Team

  • Soubhik Shubham Ray
  • Sourav Biswas
  • Rhittick Das
  • Sanchayita Murmu


Production Manager

  • Susmita Mallick
  • Ritobroto Bosu



  • Soubhik Shubham Ray
  • Ronit Roy






Rhittick Das