5 things to do this Diwali

5 must-do things this Diwali!

5 must-do things this Diwali!

One of the most awaited festivals of the Hindus, the Festival of Light is finally here! Celebrated by billions of people across the globe, Diwali, which is also known as Deepawali by many, and known by the Nepalese community as Tihar, celebrates and signifies the victory of brightness over darkness and Good over Evil. The 5-day long festival is loaded with unlimited enthusiasm, zeal, and passion! Diwali creates its spark by lighting up the home of the celebrators, people light diyas and candles and as the streak of lights and glow of diyas start to illuminate the entire home, good health, prosperity, and happiness flow in along.

People celebrate Diwali in their own preferable ways. Some have pre-planned programs whereas some have no idea as to how to add depth and meaning to their Diwali Celebrations and make them unforgettable ones!

Worry not! We have got you covered on this! Continue reading the blog to find out the things you can do this Diwali and add a memorable experience to your list!

1. DIY Diwali Lantern: This Diwali, give rise to the creative side of you and try your hands at DIY Paper Lanterns. There are various simple and easy DIY videos available online that you can look up to and come up with the perfect Diwali Lantern. So you can definitely give this thing a try! Light up your home by adding a handmade charm of your own!

2. House Makeover: For many, this might sound like a daunting task- a house makeover! But cleaning your house, giving it a new fresh look, decorating it with lights and other stuff, at the end would surely create a feeling of adrenaline rush within you! So this Diwali, indulge yourself in the cleaning and decoration of your house, maybe you’ll find your missing belongings too! Two birds killed with one stone! Ta-Da! Also, you can also try painting your room with a new color, for a new experience! After all, not only humans but the house too requires a makeover!

3. Designing an Organic Rangoli: Designing a Rangoli for Diwali has been practiced for long, but this Diwali indulge yourself in designing an Organic Rangoli! Come up with a Rangoli that’s designed with the help of natural colors using the rice flour (which can be obtained by grinding the rice) mixed with Turmeric, Chickpea flour, cinnamon sticks powder, etc. you can decorate the Rangoli with flower petals too!

4. Plan a small family get-together: It’s a hard truth that given the present time and the yearning for a better lifestyle, quality family time has reduced. This Diwali you can plan a family get-together and immerse yourself in the bucket of love and care, a chance to get reunited with your family members and relatives. You can plan small games as well to create an engagement or also a short trip! Also, a  surprise visit to your loved ones doesn’t sound bad!

5. Step into the shoes of a Chef: This Diwali might just be the apt time to try out the new recipe you have been wanting to try for a long time! With a break from the official commitments, you can spare some time and try out some recipes from your wishlist!

So this Diwali do things that help you in creating a memory and experience that you would cherish forever. Instead of capturing the moment and missing out on relishing the moment, just live the moment!!

“As the little lights strung around the house, lights up the house, may the lights, light up your heart too!”

Happy Diwali!

Rakshanda Shrestha

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