Capricorns-the rebellious ones

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Capricorns- The Rebellious Ones

 “I very seldom compromise. I am a Capricorn”

Perfectionists, smart and hardworking Capricorns are those who are born between late December and mid-January ( December 22 – January 19) comes with a warning sign that says “Think twice before interrupting a Capricorn” that shows how stubborn they can be at times. And because of this, they are often misunderstood by the people. Capricorns are ruled and driven by the mountainous goat, which makes their energy wilful, determined and focused on their goals. Practical, diligent and fully in control of their destinies Capricorns achieve what they set their minds to-no doubt. They have set a perfect plan for everything and they reach the finishing line once they start. 

The Capricorns possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in their personal as well as professional lives. They are very much good at self-control and can lead their way, make realistic plans and are good team leaders. And because they are so goal-oriented and work-driven they tend to be absent-minded sometimes (no offence Capricorns) it is probably because they believe that they are in charge of their destinies and no one else can make their dream come true but themselves. As determined and hardworking they are, Capricorns are equally also very patient. They are also the masters of self-control, Capricorns do not hesitate to work tirelessly until they achieve what they want, and this trait of Capricorn is what makes them unique from others. Apart from this Capricorns are equally good friends as well. Their focus and determination are not only limited to their professional life but also in personal life. Their friends and family matter to them as equally as their work does. 

Connected to Saturn, which symbolizes restraint and restriction, Capricorn personalities at times seem distant, emotionless and analytical, also very stoic and pessimistic. But no need to be so hard on yourselves dear just sit back and get in touch with your emotions often.

All other traits of a Capricorn are more or less derived from their intense workaholic, ambitious and perfectionist nature which makes them pessimistic and stubborn. The extreme level of focus is not always good especially when all you can focus on are the negative aspects of life. Capricorn’s “no-nonsense” attitude makes them overlook the good in life, causing them to be deeply dissatisfied and unhappy if the things don’t go the way they planned. Should things not be perfect, Capricorns can be easily dejected and adopt a negative view in their lives which undoubtedly affects them. This brings us to another negative trait of Capricorn that they are insanely stubborn. It’s their way or the highway, a mentality that makes it difficult for them to get along with people. Capricorns are the believers of tradition and very different thinking. They find it very difficult to open up their minds and change their perspective, their beliefs in practical and materialistic things restricts them to look beyond themselves. 

However, when it comes to romantic relations a Capricorn is an unusual personality, intensely devoted but at the same time lacking in emotions. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be ideal partners, it can take you years to get them to open up emotionally but it will be wrong to doubt their loyalty, strength and protectiveness. They will love their partners with the same passion as they love their work. Their practical approach in a relationship can sometimes feel unnatural but don’t worry that’s just Capricorns being Capricorns or let us say that’s how they best express their emotions.

Now if you are in contact with any Capricorns there are few more things to keep in mind, they don’t like to be kept waiting. Again pointing towards their determined and workaholic nature Capricorns don’t like to waste time by waiting. Capricorns love to have me-time. Although they are great friends and partners at the end of the day a Capricorn will always seek some me-time, because nothing in the world can make a Capricorn happiest except for their work and themselves. If you say you are an overthinker I suggest to try competing with a Capricorn in this matter because they are great at overthinking and overanalyzing but they are very good advisors as well. Capricorns are soft by nature but feeling hurt can turn into a savage. 

If you are around a Capricorn, be conscious enough not to tease a Capricorn for their diligence, but at the same time be a good friend and remind them to relax, breathe and enjoy the moment.

-Sejal Upadhaya 

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