TAJ MAHOTSAV - Explore the artistic magnificence of India.

TAJ MAHOTSAV – Explore the artistic magnificence of India.

TAJ MAHOTSAV – Explore the artistic magnificence of India.

Taj Mahal is not just an ivory-white marble sepulcher but it holds history in its existence. One of the most renowned mausoleums as well as a symbol of love. We have been hearing and reading about the heart-melting story behind the existence of the Great Taj Mahal.

So, to celebrate this great splendid creation of history, Agra annually celebrates a grand festival known as the “Taj Mahotsav” which falls from 18th February to 27th February every year at Shilpgram, near the Eastern gate of Taj Mahal since the year 1992.

This festival lasts for ten days. It is organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. The motive behind this event is to highlight the culture, art and crafts, dance and music, and food across the country.

India being a diverse country with contrast in culture and traditions has a variety of differences within the country which can be displayed in a beautiful way through this event. It also provides a huge platform for artisans to showcase their work. Another significant aspect is to commemorate the Mughal era which had once powerfully established its existence here.

NOTE: The dates for Taj Mahotsav 2021 has been postponed due to the current situation

But let’s explore the incredible festival right here.


The festival consists of immense varieties of art and crafts that are displayed. 400 legendary talented artisans from across the country are given an opportunity to participate and showcase their workmanship through art, crafts, dance, music, etc. Every kind of creative art form is acceptable in this event.

The artists are extremely talented and experienced to show their culture in the form of art and crafts. From the wood and stone carvings of Tamil Nadu to Kantha Stitch from West Bengal.

Bamboo Cane works from the North East to brass wares from Moradabad. Marble works from Agra to hand-made carpets from bhadohi. Silk and jari works from the city of Banaras to hand-made shawls and carpets from Gujarat. All these creative craftsmanship are alluring in their own way.

The hand-made crafts of India hold another level of beauty and attraction. Tourists from outside and within the country are fascinated by the incredible efforts and skills of the artisans.

Therefore they visit the festival with immense curiosity to witness these talents.

 Within a duration of 10 days a visitor has a privilege to experience a vividly congenial range of magnificent festivity.

This festival is a must for people who acknowledge art and craft, variety of cuisine etc.


The event commences with the drum beats, bejeweled camels and elephants, folk artists, and music all around. The event is enjoyable for all age groups. The older ones can enjoy the crafts and classical music and dances while the younger kids can engage themselves in the funfair which includes various rides such as the giant roller coaster or the merry-go-round. The event thoroughly gives the feeling of nostalgia to the visitor as it has the cultural dances and music that are being performed as they used to centuries ago.

There is no way the visitor is not startled at the event. Every part of the event is astonishing and filled with charisma. Most importantly there is a sense of authenticity and warmth.


The major attraction of the whole event is the food festival. A variety of cuisines and foodstuff are put up from different parts of the country. An epicure can get the most out of it pleasantly.

The carnival is filled with various delicacies. The type of food available in the event is both traditional and classic. The visitors who are extreme food lovers mostly take delight in the food festival out of all.

The diverse food culture of India can be seen all over. From the oldest to the most typical delicacies of different cultures and states. Throughout the event, people get to experience, taste and enjoy the richness of good food and incredible art. Moreover, India is a country with vast diversity in food, culture, traditions and art.

This Mahotsav gives a huge platform to all the people of the country to display and showcase their own culture. Nevertheless, Taj Mahotsav is a great way to enjoy as well as learn and explore almost all the cultures throughout the nation. So, the best time to visit the Taj Mahal is during the Taj Mahotsav.

Now you know when to plan your holidays!

Stay safe, keep exploring.

-Esther Pariyar

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