Affectionate Aquarians.

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Affectionate Aquarians.

If you can appreciate an eccentric and quirky personality you can appreciate an Aquarius.

Yes, possessing extremely eccentric and quirky personalities are those born between January 20th – February 18th. The 11th zodiac sign represented by the water bearer is known to be very progressive, intelligent, unique and idealistic. These air signs are the biggest humanitarians and are keenly devoted to making the world a better place. Yes, they bear extremely friendly signs Aquarians consider it to be their collaborative efforts of making the world a better place. Just like water, this sign does not have a fixed shape and they seem to defy categorization. While some of them can be quiet and introverted the others can be energetic and extroverted, though even these two different kinds of people possess some similar inner qualities. 

Aquarians give out vibes that make us reluctant to express emotions; they prefer rational and cool-headed thinking to the messy tapestry of human emotions. This zodiac sign is kind, gentle and friendly however they are mostly introverted. Alongside, being very rebellious and quirky but they are masters in guarding their secrets and always tend to keep an emotional distance from people. Despite having friendly nature they find themselves detached from society, they observe everything from the distance and consider not to be the part of the system that runs it. Rather than being a part of monotonous societal norms Aquarians like to devote their time to mental stimulation, like they can spend their life thinking and analyzing inside their small bubble. And that is where they find happiness. They require plenty of time alone to think and recharge their batteries.

As I mentioned earlier Aquarians are known to be very eccentric and have completely out of box thinking, but they are very good listeners as well, they love to listen to other people’s stories and opinions but without changing their mindset. They are very visionary, their extreme progressive and humanitarian attitudes are reserved for the situations when the world falls into crisis. Added to this they are never afraid to speak their heart out especially about the things they have set their beliefs in. These friendship focused signs have no tolerance for injustice. Aquarians are also very intelligent and great problem solvers. Their cerebral power and overthinking abilities let them find out the potential solutions to their problems. They tend to look at every angle of the problem before driving directly into the solutions, so if you want well researched and unbiased solutions you would want to look up to an Aquarius. Now talking about the originality of Aquarians they always want to be unique and stand out of the crowd, they would rather choose to be a trendsetter rather than being a trend follower. Their intelligence and originality combined make them one of the most creative signs and they can excel in every field they set their feet into.

Now looking at the other side of the coin their overanalyzing and overthinking behaviors detach themselves from the world. They become so intensely devoted to thinking that they lose their emotional connect which makes others a bit uncomfortable around Aquarians and they might also appear to be cold and rigid sometimes. Also, their high intelligence can be a bit problematic, as Aquarians tend to convince themselves that they are always right and everyone else is wrong and this is mainly because they believe that whatever they say is a fact and not just an opinion. Which might lead the other people to think that the Aquarians are trying to put them down. But before you drive to this conclusion let me clarify that this is not intentional every time. But careful Aquarians, this might stand naturally frustrating for people who are trying to propose a solution or share an opinion. Aquarians like to grow and keep moving forward and for better of course but this makes them highly unpredictable. Aquarians are generally perceived to be emotionless but this is because their emotion comes out in the form of sudden bursts out of nowhere. Now this problem is faced mostly by the ones who have been through lots of pressure in their lives, including from themselves. Now Aquarians don’t like to be emotionally vulnerable because they feel it makes them weak but when things rile them up the outburst is typical. 

In terms of family, friends and relationships they are extremely devoted to them and cherish their truthfulness, creativity and intellect. They are often willing to risk everything for their family, and as for friends they are quite popular among the friends due to their collaborative efforts, although sometimes they may feel quite condescending apart from that they are quirky and fun to get along with. But speaking of romantic relationships, Aquarians value mental stimulation, you need to be able to engage in deep and complex conversations to impress an Aquarius. Along with this honesty and independence stands to be the most important factors for Aquarians. They respect their partner’s freedom and expect the same from them. But they also want you to be honest with them. Once you cheat them and the relationship will end then and there. As Aquarius knows no forgiveness!

  • Sejal Upadhaya

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