The 10th  of April each year is said to be celebrated as siblings day to honour the bond between the siblings.

Isn’t the bond between siblings worth a celebration?

Because  the word ‘sibling’ isn’t just a word but an emotion.

This relationship can neither be defined or explained in a thousand words as it is completely an experience of having someone similar as you or maybe someone completely different.

In the sweet and sour relationship between the siblings there are a lot of differences in the personal experiences of each individual. It revolves around a lot of emotions as siblings go through from being best friends to worst enemies.

Besides celebrating national siblings day, this encourages the bond but there’s something you need to know as to why national siblings day came into existence.

This day was founded in 1951 by Claudia Evart of New York after she lost her two siblings in separate accidents.

The loss made her realise the significance of having siblings in our lives. She chose April 10th because it remarked the birthday of her late sister.

Wasn’t that a beautiful and commendable act done by her?

Indeed we have to agree to the fact that siblings capture some most important part of a life and their importance is inescapable and irreplaceable.

I just realised Claudia must have been so affectionate towards her siblings.

Have you ever wondered beside you and your sibling how many types of siblings exist on this planet?

Now let’s go to know them and also while you read about them try to figure out which category you fall in.

The people who have grown up with siblings will relate to this the most and if you don’t have 1 read through and get to know what part of life you have been missing on.

Types of siblings:

  • The best friends: Basically these are the ones that fall in the same age group or have a very little age difference. They are usually the one who hides each other’s secrets and hang out together. They probably are the ones having the same likes and dislikes. They can get along with each other full stop whenever they are out in public people would wonder are they even siblings!! 

The bond between them is strong, funny and happy.

  • The benevolent: they are the ones that have a parental approach towards the other. There is a lot of affection between each other.  This happens when there are a lot of age differences. 

They are usually your third parent beside your father and mother. They guide you in life and teach lessons from what they have learnt so that you do not go off track in your life.

  • The teacher: they are the ones who have an abundance of knowledge. They will teach you ways of life,  they may be elder or younger but will play the role of an unnecessary teacher in your life showering you with lots of lessons.

They can be annoying sometimes but besides that they can also be helpful in so many other good ways.

  • The Adversary: these are the most interesting ones. They will have a big difference in their personality and characters. Sometimes they are usually opposite to each other in terms of likes and dislikes. The most common state and that can be noticed in their argument is ” you are adopted”.

They have more arguments and always wished they never ever had a sibling. They may fight over food, parental love or household things such as using the charger plug (if they share the same room). But the sad and the best part is that they cannot get rid of each other. They have to tolerate each other, arguing and fighting.

  • The problem solver: these are usually held once they will answer all your questions (except what came first hen or egg) and will be able to solve the hardest problems. They will help you with your studies. Every time you face a problem you run to them. They will always make you feel grateful for having them like ” oh my god! I am so blessed to have them”.

So far you must have figured out which category you fall into. Indeed the fact is undeniable that having siblings in our life has a lot of fun and happiness. It is like an icing on the cake. They make our lives merry and joyful. And the truth is no matter how much we may fight we can never hate them.

So, do not miss out on the chance to make them feel that they are special to you and you are so blessed and grateful to have them.

Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate this day with your sibling!

  • If they are away from you call them up and tell them them “you are the best sibling in the world”
  • Post a picture of you and them on social media tagging them.
  • Go to their room, disturb them and spend some quality time cherishing the most beautiful moments.

It’s okay if you are a sole child and do not have a sibling of your own. Remember we all have shared this bond with someone. 

So on this day cherish the bond and tell them that they have filled a special part in your life and let them know you care.

Let this day be fun!


Keep annoying, arguing and loving ♥️

-Esther Pariyar

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