Public Relations: A Tool in these Dark Times

Public Relations: A Beacon of Hope

Businesses have spotted Public relations as a beacon of hope as most of the business is held at gunpoint by the outbreak of novel coronavirus that triggered nationwide lockdown causing uncertainty in the global financial environment. 

Keeping the present situation in mind companies are facing the challenge to keep their financial wheels turning and with the slowdown of the company’s growth, maintaining the internal and external communication has become a business-critical need. During this emergency, Public relation firms are playing a very crucial role to consolidate the clients, stakeholders and team of the companies to ensure the momentum of work uninterrupted and achieving the desired results. Due to the technological advancement with communication happening digitally a PR is helping to execute the process of transferring legit desired information internally as well as externally.

Tools of PR
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The PR industry has the chance to seize plethora of opportunities in the business ecosystem and outshine during this pandemic as PR along with digital marketing tops the priority chart of the companies and has been gaining much attention lately. Many companies are ready to connect with freelancers and job seekers that are ready to be with the company and work wholeheartedly from home. According to the surveys conducted by PRCA (Public Relation Communications Association), more than 30% of people responded that their companies have made good progress on their communication plans as a result of Covid-19. PRCA director general quotes “The coronavirus is a human tragedy with serious implications for business and public relations. Our industry is uniquely positioned to adopt a leadership role during this time of crisis.”

Amidst the lockdown, the companies are trying to deal with the situation more smartly and progressively. The Companies are organizing webinars and optimizing their digital spaces mostly focusing on their online B2B marketing and PR strategies to live through the dark days and as people are likely to consume online content and spend most of their time on social media companies are hiring people who can monitor their online platforms and carry out their online operations. Bill Gates was quoted as saying that if he was down to his last dollar, he’d spend it on PR and it seems to be relevant during this havoc as right now every company though running on losses is ready to spend their last bit on PR.


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