Ways to improve your mental health during quarantine!

Nurturing a healthy mind during quarantine!

A daily dose of positivity is the fuel to a healthy mind. In the prevailing situation with the outbreak of Covid-19, the rise in the level of stress and anxiety is inevitable. This pandemic has led to a strange concoction of negativity, stress, fear, irritation and anger triggering mental health. The germination of such emotions has an extensive negative effect on the mental health of people worldwide. “It is truly an unhappy time, despair and hopelessness surrounding all,”  said the young girl with her gloomy eyes. A study on the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on the mental health of individuals reveals that there is a significant difference among depression, anxiety and stress across age, gender and employment. Depression was found to be high among the respondents of age range 15-35 years (Kazmi, Hasan, Saxena, Talib, 2020).

Ways to improve your mental health during quarantine!

Here are a few ways to boost your mental health:

Evade binge eating

Stressful situations like the Covid-19 pandemic and long-vacant hours due to the lockdown have indulged people in stress eating as for most of us food provides with comfort but, at the same time, people have to deal with various consequences of stress eating like gastrointestinal distress, fatigue ultimate weight gain and unhealthy brain. Avoiding excessive food intake and maintaining a healthy diet not only keeps people away from these problems but also helps in combating serious diseases, helps in enhancing mood, and boosts productivity.

Avoid over-thinking

Your mental health could suffer as you might have stressed thinking about your career in the near future. Overthinking results in zoning out, being unproductive and thick-headed. So, it is now the best time to start being productive by learning new skills, honing the existing ones, doing the online courses and attending webinars. Grab this opportunity to learn because it’s now or never.

Maintain a routine

The situation right now is beyond our control but it is in our hands to control our activities for prosperity. Daniel Månsson, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Flow Neuroscience was quoted as saying “In the current situation, finding ways to maintain your normal routine is essential to reducing stress and potential depressive thoughts that may appear.” Maintaining a routine will also help you to execute the planned activities and work efficiently.

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Physical activity

Mental health has a direct relationship with how we feel every day, our mind and body is solely linked so lack of physical activity will trigger mental health challenges like anxiety, depression and insomnia. It is advisable to improve your physical health to have a stable emotional, psychological and social well-being. You should at least have 2 hours of physical activity to avoid the stated common problems related to mental health.


A daily dose of positivity is required to survive through the eternal Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual interaction with friends and family over various social networking platforms is of utmost importance as sharing what you feel and maintaining relationships with them will help combat loneliness and over-thinking. Stay active in platforms that generate laughter, help you to unleash your creative talents and keep you happy.


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Tulsi Pradhan


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