Top 5 Cafes In Siliguri

It’s 2022, and restaurants are less appealing to the newer generation. Yes, that’s right. Restaurants on casual weekends are out now and cafes are in! Oh, but the criteria to perfection is a long road. The food is not even the top most priority now. The charm, the vibe, the aesthetic matters more to the Gen-Z. The scale of a cafe is now in terms of it’s instagram-worthiness. Well, lucky for you, we are here with the top 5 cafes in Siliguri. These places offer the best food, the best vibe and the best locations. Are you spending your Friday evening with some Maggie? Think again, because instead, you’re going to visit one of these places!

  1. Do Tell: I stumbled upon Do Tell online when i was cruising through some local aesthetics. Do Tell offers a variety of delectable options for an average foodie and oh, the charm! Also, the artisanal coffee is definitely a speciality. This place is your standard textbook quaint & cute cafe. Prices ranging from cheap to medium, this cafe is located in Vega Circle Mall. I would definitely recommend you to try its special Frappe, because could one ever consume enough coffee?
  2. Berlin Kaffeehaus: The literal meaning of Kaffeehaus is Coffeehouse and this little place stands by its name. It’s caffeinated beverages are some of the best of its kind! This cafe is located in City Centre. It might go quite easily unnoticed, but when you try it- i assure you that it’s going to leave a mark! Their indoor seatings have a warm and vintage vibe, and their outdoor area is definitely recommended on chilly winter afternoons. Their Peri Peri fries are to die for and oh, have you ever heard of broccoli tasting good on pizza? No? Well, what are you waiting for?
  3. Dakini Cafe: If you have already visited this place then you already know why it’s on our list, don’t you? Dakini is one of the most underrated cafes in our little town, however its reviews are top notch chef’s kiss. I visited Dakini reluctantly on a rainy evening and i had to go back again on occasion. The cafe is located in Salugara and it’s a haven for foodies! The prices aren’t too low or high, it’s comfortably affordable. This outlandish little cafe is Instagram-worthy. Their appetizing menu is totally going to attract you, the appeal is real!
  4. Backyard Bistro: Backyard Bistro is a local favourite. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes you will find in Siliguri. This cafe is especially loved by the Gen-Z age group. Equipped with books as well, it’s a great place to lose some steam after an overwhelming week. The food is known to be quite mouth-watering and it is highly affordable as well. This cafe is located on the outskirts of Hakim Para and if you haven’t visited it then you’re definitely missing out!
  5. Wood Apple Cafe: I will agree with you on this, the name of this place could have been something more catchy. But beware, this place is so much better than what its name represents! This cafe is a great place to escape your regular busy life. The silent location makes it very peaceful as well. The indoor seating place is equipped with an air conditioner for summer days and the outdoor environment is as cool and refreshing as a spring morning! They are known to house quite a lot of elicacies, the eatables are truly succulent. Located in Pradhan Nagar, you should definitely try it.

Credits: Disha Saraf

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