World Tourism Day

The Travel Story

The Travel Story

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” could never get truer when it comes to tourists. A tourist will find beauty both in the flamboyance of Taj Mahal and in the shanty lanes of the slum. They walk around the earth devouring its beauty like hunger makes people gorge on their food. These vagabonds have tons of stories that they themselves have seen and heard, stories that could leave one flabbergasted or mesmerized. Tourism, in itself, is an art that not all can excel in and the ones who can, lives a life of unending adventures. 

Ever since 1980, World Tourism Day has been celebrated on the 27th of September every year. This day is reserved to raise awareness on the importance of Tourism and it’s ever rising industry. Apart from being a world wide booming industry, Tourism also plays a vital role in affecting the Social and Cultural values all around the globe. Keeping its significance in mind, the theme of World Tourism Day for the year 2020 is “Tourism and Rural Development” that will focus on the significance of the Tourism industry as a global employer.

Tourism is a hobby for many and a way of earning for the smart. If you are one of those wanderers who want to make money out of it, but don’t know where to begin with, here are 3 jobs that can definitely give a kickstart to your traveling career.

  • Join an existing Travel and Tourism Company:- One of the easiest and the safest steps is to follow the footprints of the achievers. You can drop your CV/ Resume in any of the Travel and Tourism companies. You will not only get the required experience but also an understanding of the workings. It will help you get useful insights of this ever booming industry which will surely take you a long way.
  • Travel Journalist:- This ones exclusively for those who have a love for writing and passion for travelling. If you can write down the beauty of a place and justify it in your words, this would be a perfect start to your career. You can be a freelancer or associate yourself with a company who hires travel journalists. The best thing is that your travel expenses will be financed by your company, if you are working for one. If you are a freelancer, well you need to raise funds. It might sound an added load of work but you get the freedom to choose your travel spot.
  • Travel Consultant:- This is more of a desk work. Consider it as a sales person for your company, nevertheless, this is a great way to start as you gain a lot of knowledge in the process. Basically you act as a travel advisor or a consultant, that is, you advise your client on the destination, its routes, food and lodging spots, in fact, you make a whole travel plan that ensures minimum budget and maximum fun. This is more interesting than you think!!

Once you have enough resources both in terms of knowledge and money, you can start your own Travel and Tourism business. This is one of those industries that will never fall because people never stop travelling. Be it for work or for fun, people keep traveling. If you aren’t one of those “business-y” people, you can still choose to be a tourist or specialize in a Travel Consultant. There are innumerable opportunities and if you have enough passion for touring, you will find yours because as the good old saying goes, ”Where there is a will, there is a way”.

-Ruchika Agarwal

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