Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers Day

Teachers Day

सब धरती कागज़ करूँ, लेखनी सब वनराज |

सात समुद्र की मसि करूँ, गुरु गुण लिखा न जाए ||

-Sant Kabir

If I convert the whole land into paper, the trees into pen and ocean into ink it would be impossible for me to pen down the greatness of teachers Sant Kabir”  And indeed it is true, teachers are the most impactful people in our lives. Starting from kindergarten to university and sometimes even beyond, teachers leave a great impression in their student’s personalities and lives. And teachers’ day serves as a great reminder to appreciate the efforts of teachers which they continue to render to students or the community as a whole. 

Imagine the world without teachers, how would it be? The world today as we see it would never have existed. From scientists to artists, doctors to musicians or even the great discoveries and technology that we see today are in one way or the other are the results of great knowledge that we get from our teachers. 

We all know that in India every year on 5th Teachers day is celebrated, which is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a scholar, philosopher who also served as the first Vice President of India and the second President of India. This day not only makes us realize the importance and honour the spirits of teachers but also gives teachers the much-needed break from their busy schedule. In India, this day is celebrated as a festival, as from the ancient times itself teachers are considered next to God. The student-teacher relationship is the most selfless relationship in which a teacher gives and expects nothing in return. 

They inspire, guide, mentor, encourage, serve as a role model, and are akin to parents outside the home. Teachers selflessly share their experience and knowledge with their students and count their students’ success as their own. They take pride in their students’ accomplishments and always inspire them to become better versions of themselves. Even if we see today’s world there are immense sources from where a student can gain knowledge. It is a known fact that students can refer to the internet for information. But still, the credibility of the information received over the internet cannot be vouched for. Ultimately one has to turn towards the teacher for verification and validation. Thus one can easily say that teachers were, are, and will be irreplaceable.

 To our dear teachers,

Often in this fast-paced world, we forget to express our gratitude towards you, and this day serves as a great opportunity to express our gratitude towards our teachers. So thank you, teachers, thank you for guiding us and showing us the right path. Every day is a blessing with our teachers, their selfless love and support help us grow and learn new things. Each day our teachers show up for us despite various hardships, thus, now it is our turn to show them that we are here for them.

 It is because of you dear teachers that we are able to acquire the skills. Your experiences have helped us become wiser for the better. No token of appreciation can ever be enough to thank you for what you all have done for us. Time spent with each one of us is nothing short of memorable and we will forever be indebted to you all for shaping our personalities and making us better human beings.


Happy Teachers Day!!

-Sejal Upadhaya

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