Photography: Click, Capture and Cherish.


Photography: Click, Capture and Cherish.

Have you ever looked at a picture and longed to go back to the past? Do you possess photographs which have a special memory attached? Because this is exactly what Photographs do! They take you to the past! Photographs help you revisit the past and keep that memory alive and fresh. Well, it’s not possible to freeze the time and stay in the moment which you cherish but you can certainly click a photograph and relive the moment!

Photography is the art of capturing the present moment and to cherish them in the future. It is through photography that many people communicate their message and create an impact. A single photograph can sometimes be enough to convey a message rather than putting the message into a thousand words, and so says the proverb, A picture is worth a thousand words. Every photograph has something different to tell, they have a different story to portray. Photography allows the Photographer to show their vision to the world; it’s a way of seeing the world through the photographer’s eyes. 

From camera obscura to the present day digital cameras, photography has come a long way. Cameras and films have become cheaper and easy to use. Talking about a brief history of Photography, it was in the year 1826, Joseph Nicephorus Niepce made the first photographic image with the Camera Obscura. The Photograph was named, “View from the window at Le Gras”. Initially, before Niepce, Camera Obscura was used for the purpose of drawing and viewing. Niepce’s Heliographs served as the prototype for the modern photograph, by letting the light draw the picture. And since then, Photography has played a very vital role in every sphere of human life. Imagining our life without photographs seems nearly impossible now!

If you look around you will notice that there are photographs everywhere, whether it’s the recent Magazine that you purchased or the box of cereal in the kitchen, or on the internet where you spend most of the time surfing! You have been impacted by a photograph almost everywhere, sometimes you are the one that’s posing for the camera and sometimes you are the one to handle it and when you’re the one reading the newspaper or going through the Magazines advertisements.

Photography is an inevitable part of almost every industry, in order to market a product or service you will require a photograph of that particular product; in the fashion industry, the models representing designer costumes needs to be photographed and so on and so forth and this is why you will find a long list of different genres of Photography.

Nowadays, with the cameras on the phone, clicking a photograph has become quite an easy task. What does it take? Just a simple touch and there you go! your photograph is ready. Photography has become such an integral part of your life that you tend to photograph almost every activity you do, from capturing the scenic beauty to a simple selfie. Photographs create an engaging environment and help people to connect more. 

Photography is one of the leading career options that many seem to opt for. It allows the person to play with their creativity and create an image that depicts a story. There are various genres of Photography that one can step into and create their mark, some of them being:

  •        Photojournalism
  •        Street Photography
  •        Travel Photography
  •       Wildlife Photography
  •       Abstract Photography
  •       Architectural Photography

  •       Wedding Photography
  •       Candid Photography
  •       Event Photography
  •       Fashion Photography
  •       Food Photography
  •       Golden Hour Photography
  •       Indoor Photography
  •       Landscape Photography
  •       Night Photography
  •       Pet Photography
  •       Portrait Photography

Each of the above-mentioned genres of Photography are unique in its own way but the one thing that’s common in all of them is that there is a story behind every Photograph.

So the next time you feel that a certain present moment is worth reliving, simply follow these steps: Click, Capture. Cherish.

-Rakshanda Shrestha 

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