Happiness! International Day of Happiness!

Have you ever pondered over what happiness means to you? This is the basic question I would like to ask you today. Just take a deep breath and think about it once. For some, it may be spending quality time with loved ones and for others it may be lending a helping hand to whoever needs. Some of us may find happiness in solitude while others achieve it by giving time to oneself and his/her goals. There can be various ways through which one can experience happiness. But what exactly is happiness?

Well, there is no straightforward or clear answer to this. It’s well known that happiness is just an emotion like any other emotions, but it stands above all other emotions. Nobody on this planet would like to be surrounded by negative vibes, everybody wants to be happy. The “rat race” which we involve ourselves in the everyday life, is only to find that at one point we can set ourselves in our comfort zone and stay happy. Be it accruing success or satisfaction every positive emotion results in happiness. Doing things that make us happy is a human tendency and the “International day of happiness” was introduced by the United Nations (U.N) on this sole objective to prioritize human nature.

International day of happiness was first introduced in the Year 2012, by the U.N as a way to recognize the relevance of happiness and well-Being as “universal goals.” The idea was initiated by Bhutan, a country that is recognized as the value of national happiness over national income since the early 1970’s and adopted the Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product.

One of the organisations promoting this day says “people are now recognizing that progress should be about increasing human happiness and well being, not just growing the economy at all costs.” This day aims to encourage people to spread happiness big or small and make radical changes to the way people view the world. The international day of happiness 2019 was celebrated with the theme ‘Happier Together’, focusing on what we have in common rather than what divides us.

There is a reason behind choosing “20th March” as the day to celebrate happiness. This is because of its significance as the March equinox. March equinox is a phenomenon that happens on our sky’s dome and is a seasonal marker in Earth’s orbit around the sun. 

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Read More @ https://www.un.org/en/observances/happiness-day

The whole idea of this is not only to do things that make you happy but also encouraging people to spread happiness as much as possible. Here is a list of few things that you can do to “get” as well as “give” happiness:

  • Gratitude morning:

    When you wake up this morning make sure you are thankful for all the good things in your life. Make sure to take some time off to notice and appreciate all those that you generally take for granted. 


  • A small act of kindness:

    Being kind doesn’t cost you anything but it gives you much.  Let another car in front of you pass while going to work, feed some stray dogs, make sure you don’t litter around in roads, you may leave a seat in the bus for some elder.


  • Take care of your body:

    A healthy body leads to a healthy life and a healthy body also leads to a happy life. Taking care of your body is very important to stay physically as well as mentally productive. Our body and mind is connected. Bad physical health can take you towards a negative mental state.


  • Stay optimistic:

    There are always two sides to a coin, but make sure you are attracted towards the positive side more. Positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and others are very helpful in creating a happy mindset.


  • Keep learning new things:

    Learning new things keep you engaged and encouraged. It exposes you to new ideas that affect our well being in a sanguine way.


  • Be comfortable in your skin:

    Accepting yourself the way you are and working out your flaws can help you lead a much happier and content life. It also helps you to accept others the way they are.

There are many other ways to stay happy such as beginning and ending your day with a smile, saying “thank you” and showing the acts of gratitude towards others. Henceforth, nurture and accept even the smallest thing around you and make the world a happier place to live.


Contributed by:

Sejal Upadhaya


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