College Diaries – Character Introduction | Yash

Chauvinism slices off

Like a hot knife through butter
Maturity comes in
Like fairy with clutter
A persistent misogynist
Like a trait so unfinished
Ambitious but unclear of his goals
Like scintillating fire with holes
His love is what girls bake
Like that icing on the cake
His chauvinism and ego shatters
Like a shining glass with bubbly matter
Yash is that frightful thing that Akash sees when he takes his eyes off his goals without knowing the societal roles.


A tough and macho Bihari guy who is clueless about his future. He is the son of a politician where all the members in his family are doing well in their respective fields. His tough behavior changes to soft behavior when he is with Zoya (He is in love with Zoya). He is not expressive about his emotions but wishes there was a soul who could understand his emotions. He is a party-loving person and he thinks himself to be superior in the surrounding because of his Father’s political Status.

Yeshu Rajgaria