Career Options in Media Industry

Career Options in Media Industry

Career Options in Media Industry

 MEDIA- An ocean of opportunities.

Everyone in today’s world wants to pursue a career that not only gives them a good fortune and is exciting. Nobody in today’s world would want to pursue a career that makes them non-existential in society.  And today’s world no matter how intensely competitive it does provide a career option that you feel comfortable doing. Media is in such a field where lots of people are seen pursuing a successful career. But the media industry is a diverse field. It’s a skill based industry, it’s fast and it’s a great way to learn and explore almost every angle in the world. Let’s have a look at a few possible career options of the media industry.


When we talk about building a career in media industry journalism is the first career option that comes to our mind. Be it in the print or the electronic media journalism is one the most exciting and thrilling career options. Journalism is not only about writing news articles but also about presenting it in an objective way. This profession can be a fulfilling and lucrative option for people who are great at communicating with the mass. 


The second most popular opinion which comes forward is setting foot in the film industry. It offers a broad range of career opportunities like scriptwriting, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, graphic designing and many more.  This profession can be acquired by the people who are extraordinarily talented and have a strong passion for it. Since it is a creative profession it demands extensive creativity.


All the great work of graphics you see these days is the work of extremely talented graphic designers. Yes, the next time you see the great visual on screen please be thankful to all our graphic designers. It’s a new and creative sector where all people can think of building their career. Once you graduate through a course in graphic designing, you are eligible to work in various fields as a graphic designer, creative director, UX designer ( user experience), UI designer ( user interface), production artist or you can simply be a freelancer. You need to graduate for the same in graphic design, web design, art or animation.


Public relations is the best way how today’s corporate world builds it’s goodwill and builds relations with the internal and external public. This department is responsible for the smooth management and promotion of the company. Pursuing a career in this field is a good option for people with good communication skills. Any person with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business field and writing can get through the profession. Besides that, the major requirement is their interest and passion for the same.


Where public relations helps you build a good relationship with your clients, advertising is a good way of telling your clients about your product. it’s is a creative and artistic field where a person can build a stable career, but meanwhile, it is extremely competitive. With a degree and the creative vision, you should also possess a creative mind.


A voice-over artist is someone who uses their voice on a radio, television or theatre plays etc. Their role is not seen but is significant. People take voice training or voice coaching to get through this profession but sometimes people are naturally talented with this skill and can carry this well as their career. You just have to find it out. This option is best suitable to work in animated movies. This profession demands art and creativity and more practice to excel.


 Vlogging is a growing field where more people are getting themselves into. Vlogging is basically a blog made in video format. Vlogging has different categories such as gaming, travel, lifestyle, fitness,  makeup, food, comedy, etc. The best part is that anyone can get into this field. The existence of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook has been a great way for the vloggers to share their content and connect with people from all over the world. You just have to be a little easy with the camera and editing.

“You’re not just vloggers, you’re entrepreneurs”- Vlog Nation’s Art Gallery

Well, now not only this much but the media industry has many more possible sectors where you can set your foot and build a great career. For instance documentary filmmaking, event management, marketing, blog writing, public speaking, entrepreneurship and so on. The main motive of any field within the media industry is to inform, educate and entertain people. The media industry has served to be a great way for people to raise their voice and put forward their opinion. And with the advancement, this has reached a very large scale. Therefore this field is supposed to be one of the best career options at this time.  

Esther Pariyar

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