Valentines Day

8 Expression, 1 Emotion- LOVE !

So finally, the day is here when couples express their love and embark on a new journey, together. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe on the 14th of February, adding colors to all the emotions of love.

The students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus are all set to take you on a roller coaster ride of various flavors of ‘Love’. Creating content that touches the emotion of the people is not everyone’s cup of tea. “It’s harder to make someone laugh than it is to make them cry”-Cath Crowley. Shweta Singh (BMS 2nd Year), wanted to create a humorous and entertaining content for this special day. She wanted to give the viewers a video that would make them laugh hard with a little pinch of romance at the end.

If you really want something and work hard for it, there’s nothing that one can’t do. So, her desire changed into a reality after the script was all set and ready for the shoot. But we all know that anything that’s worth having is not easy, one faces difficulties. And the fear of sleepless hours, hectic schedules, and the long journey towards your dream project should not get discouraged by all these hurdles, right? In the making of this video the young, budding professionals did face the difficulties regarding lights and the sound but together as a team, they are able to overcome this hurdle. And then within 2 days, they were over with the shoot!!

The video features 5 couples of different traits with each couple creating a very engaging effect. One can easily relate to any one of the couples or have seen such couples among their circle. We all know how the girls are attached to Bollywood and are all filled with Bollywood melodramatic dialogues. This couple, played by Shweta Singh and Avay Kesari is what you all need to witness and just relate. Have you ever been asked by your partner to praise them and finally you end up pulling their leg? I guess yes!! So catch this couple, played by Rakesh Prasad Sau and Priyanka Das to know how to play with this! In some relationships, the boys can be shyer than the girls and it’s not a myth! You can see for yourself, all you need to do is catch this couple, played by Rashmi Singha and Prem Majhetia.

Ever fallen in love with the Lady Gangster of your school or college? And you have not been able to confess how you feel? You need not worry at all, Kritika Gupta and Yashraj Gurung are here to help you out. Has anyone ever witnessed the ‘Touch-me-not partner’? Well, be ready to witness one as Monika Sharma and Aniket Sharma, who is all set to help you out. A team is not a team without the complete members. A team comprises everyone involved starting from the scriptwriter to the cameraperson and post-production team. Each of them has their own role to make this video successful.

So this Valentine make sure to witness the Love Variations!!


Rakshanda Shrestha

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