5 Immunity Booster Foods to include in your Diet!

5 Immunity Booster Foods to include in your Diet!

5 Immunity Booster Foods to include in your Diet!

Adopting a healthy set of diet that has the inclusion of all nutrients in a balanced manner is not an easy task! Choosing the correct diet can turn out to be absolutely beneficial for the healthy functioning of the body as well as it will boost your immune system. In the last year, immunity has been the catchword and high immunity was the only defence against covid. Hence the rush for a heightened immunity was obvious. 

Other than supplements, there are a few food items that can give the right boost to one’s immunity. Let’s take a look.

1. Carrot: A good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K, Carrot helps the body in the formation of antibodies which in turn defends the immune system. It’s also a source of carotenoid that acts as an anti-oxidants.


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You can consume them raw, prepare a healthy carrot juice or just include them in your veggies to take in its nutritional value. The best time to consume a carrot would be in the morning, on an empty stomach.

So! Just grab one, wash it, peel it, cut it into your preferred slices and enjoy!

2. Garlic: It’s another good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and is capable of helping the body stop infections and bacteria. Garlic is included and used in most of the food items and is extensively included in Indian cuisine.

The inclusion of Garlic in your daily diet will prove to be beneficial as it has high sulfur content which helps your body to absorb the right element that will boost your immunity. It is also an excellent source of allicin which is an antibiotic and helps prevent cold and flu.


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You can consume garlic in numerous ways. You can crush it and have it raw although you might witness its pungent flavour! You can make the paste of it and use it as a flavour in various food items or you can simply make garlic and tomato chutney and savour it with fried rice!

3. Citrus Fruits: You can also include citrus fruits in your diet as they are high in Vitamin C which is known to boost immunity. The presence of Vitamin C in these helps in the production of White Blood Cells that are vital for fighting against infections. 

Citrus Fruits

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Few commonly available Citrus fruits that you can add to your diet are listed below:

  • Orange: One of the common citrus fruits, Orange can be consumed as a whole or one can go for the juice as it’s quite refreshing during the summers to consume it.
  • Lemon: Another commonly known citrus fruit, Lemon is loved by many due to its 

Sour and tangy taste that gives a refreshing flavour to the food items. You can also go for lemon water with a pinch of Black Salt and refresh yourself as well as improve your immunity!

  • Limes: Similar to a lemon in appearance and a slight change in taste, Limes are another common citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and they tend to strengthen the immune system.

4. Turmeric: One of the common spices that is present in almost every household, Turmeric is another immunity booster that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that you can include in the diet. Its benefits are mentioned in the Ayurveda as well as it has its benefits history dating back to ancient times.


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You can add turmeric in the curries as well as add a pinch of it in the milk and drink it at night before going to bed.

5. Eggs: They are the source of various nutrients that add up to a healthy immune system. Chicken eggs are high in protein which builds up immunity in the body. 


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They are easily available and can be consumed in various ways like boiling it, making a scrambled egg,  making poached eggs, or going for the egg curry.

With the inclusion of the above-mentioned foods in your diet, you can boost your Immunity in an easier way as they are easily available and affordable. Prioritize your health and your immunity level and always opt for a healthy diet.

-Rakshanda Shrestha

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