Pisces- The soulful Mystics.

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Pisces- The soulful Mystics.

They are masters in motivation; unless it’s time to deal with their own problems”

Pisces- as confusing their spelling is, equally confusing is their personality. One of the moodiest signs pisces can confuse you with their personalities, on one hand, a Pisces can be very emotionally intelligent. Their cheerfulness can impress people around with their happy-go-lucky nature while on the other hand they can sometimes be reserved by drowning in their sorrows. Those born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. This water sign is extremely emotional and feels every emotion to their core like their fellow water signs i.e. cancer and Scorpio. However, these signs are more compassionate and aware of their emotions and the emotions of those around them, unlike the other two water signs. Apart from these pisces are much more creative and imaginative compared to any other zodiac signs, they come up with artistic ideas that others can’t even think of. 

Pisces are also amongst the most creative signs but their most often way of showing their creativity is by daydreaming, their mind bends mostly towards fantastical and mystical scenarios. And their ability to daydream can prove to be very beneficial in pursuing their careers in the field of art, music and writing. These signs are so artistic that they can even explain their creativity in their everyday life( I guess this is how modern-day members are born). These signs are not tied with the ropes of logic, and this opens them to new endeavors that are generally overlooked by others thinking it to be illogical. But It’s their empathy that attracts others to them. They connect deeply to those around them. This is mainly because of their sensitive nature. Be it a shoulder to cry or an ear to listen, a Pisces will never disappoint you, or I would rather say that they are the kind who will cry with you while listening to your problems. For them being emotional and sensitive doesn’t mean letting it all out. They would rather choose to be adaptable and understand how to let things go or how to flow with the current around them. This can sometimes make them shape-shifters, depending on the altering currents flowing around them. People born under this sign are very kind at heart, when people around them suffer they suffer too. This makes them great at charity, they love to help and provide comfort to those who are less fortunate in any sector.

It’s a known fact that the emotional side of water signs can be their plus point or can be the reason for their downfall, this stands true in the case of Pisces. On one hand, if the emotional and sensitive nature of Pisces helps them to get in tune with others this very nature sometimes consumes them, causing them to be overly emotional or moody. Like it’s very common for a Pisces to cry during an argument. Also once a Pisces dives into a negative emotion it’s very hard for them to get out, and just like other water signs, Pisces is known to hold grudges for very long. They are also very likely to get pulled into the drama that doesn’t concern them. Often they are also drawn into unpredictable circumstances or unstable situations, just by hoping to lend a helping hand. This is the result of their idealistic nature as well as to find good in others and getting swayed away by trusting others easily. They can be easily convinced to take an impractical path, even when they should be more inclined towards logical ones. If an assertive person gives them advice they will certainly follow it without thinking twice, both because they are optimistic and because they want to keep by being agreeable. Pisces hates to be used or treated badly, they often reach out to people but have a hard time accepting help from others. This is generally because they feel that they are being misunderstood or the other person is not ready to spend time understanding them. Being used or taken for granted can be a major turn off for Pisces and if they get hurt often enough they tend to close themselves to protect their feelings. Pisces are strong enough and they don’t like being around people who don’t care about them.  

Pisces are generally said to be compatible with Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus but given a chance they can make their relationships work with any sign. They seem quite reserved or closed off in the starting, this is mainly because they prefer time and space to grow but they are most devoted towards any kind of relationship from the beginning itself. Now talking about the romantic relationship, Pisces are one the most romantic signs however in comparison with their fellow water signs Pisces are a bit reserved. They dream of having serious or long term plans with their partners, while they don’t always expect the same amount of attention from others they do secretly hate it and feel bad when their partners cannot make time for them. Generally, those who are friends with Pisces may find it difficult to understand Pisces as they don’t choose to give straightforward answers, if you ever meet a Pisces do try to open up about yourselves as Pisces are very good listeners, but also remember to ask them about themselves they may be reluctant at first but your efforts will be deeply appreciated. 

-Sejal Upadhaya 

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