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Top 5 dresses to try out this Winter : Boys Edition

Is it fair that we just talk about girls’ dresses and accessories and completely ignore the boys? Definitely not! Boys have their own set of clothes and pairing, matching their Tees with their snickers and wrist watches and so much more. Boys’ fashion is a bit different from girls’ considering the physiological differences between boys and girls resulting in psychological differences between the two as well. Nonetheless both boys and girls have distinct choices of fashion that are equally stylish and impressive. There are no specific dresses for men in winter, but there are several winter wardrobe essentials that men can wear to stay warm and stylish.

This blog being a dedicated one for the boys, lets check out the top 5 dresses to try out this winter : Boys Edition.


  1. Topcoats

 The Topcoat  originated around the same time as the overcoat in 17th century Europe. It was a strictly formal item, worn exclusively over an expensive suit to aid in its protection against the weather.Topcoats had wide lapels, deep cuffs, and ran mid-thigh, to just above the knee in length. They were most commonly made of a single wool layer, with silk inner lining.As the name suggests, top coats are worn over or on top of an existing outfit. This makes them an excellent choice on rainy days. Rather than carrying an umbrella, you can sport a top coat. The top coat will keep you dry — all while projecting a stylish appearance.

  1. Fleece Vests

Fleece vests are usually comfortable and resistant to cold, which makes them a popular garment in the transitional season. Not only do vests work to keep your core insulated, your arms are free from bulky sleeves of insulated jackets. When you are engaged in activities where you need a full range of motion – chopping wood, setting up camp, stacking boxes in a warehouse – vests keep your arms free while still providing warmth.

  1. Wide-leg chinos

Wide-leg pants come in many forms. They can be anything from extremely loose and billowy trousers to pants that are only slightly flared at the bottom. There is no one specific cut or style of wide-leg pants, which is why they can be so controversial. A classic pair of chinos is usually made from a mid-weight cotton twill fabric that fall smack dab in between a typical shirting fabric and your average pair of blue jeans. They’ll fit like a well-tailored trouser, with a mid- or high-rise. Many higher-quality chinos will also include a curtained waistband which is an extra piece of fabric fixed to the inside of the waistband. This helps reinforce the waist, prevent it from rolling, keeps the pockets lying flat, and covers the inner seam work.

  1. Dark-colored casuals

 Black goes with everything – or so they say. Often under-used is the black on top     casual outfit. This is a must for every man, skin tone, and body type, you really can’t go wrong.Pair black back to lighter color pants for a casual look. Darker bottoms will look more formal. Wearing black signifies confidence, mystery, masculinity, and gives off the bad boy vibe that women love. While warmer days call for lighter colors, during the winter darker combinations fit the season perfectly. When the temperatures drop, you should consider an all black outfit for men.

And although it may seem like an overwhelming combination, monochrome outfits work well. They can make their wearers appear taller and slimmer – something that benefits most of us. Wearing all black, especially on a cold day, can also add a simplicity and elegance that is typically absent from men’s style during the winter months. Choose this combination to stand out in a subtle way. Plus, all black is versatile. Wear it for casual events and semi-formal affairs. It works perfect for formal affairs too. The key is execution. You must combine every piece of clothing well in terms of shade, fabric, and fit.

  1. Chunky Knits

Statement knits are still on the agenda, with V-neck, slouchy or shrunken shapes, and sleeveless ness also cropping up in a few designer’s sketchbooks. Worn under a jacket – denim, leather or otherwise – tactical knitwear could well be the difference between shivering your way through a pint and enjoying your social calendar to the fullest this winter. Chunky sweaters are as much a staple of winter menswear as flannel and corduroy. The styles we wear today — like fisherman’s cable knits, shawl cardigans, and ragg wool crew necks — have been around since the early 1800s. Fabrics and production methods have changed greatly, but the men’s sweater styles have remained the same. That kind of longevity in fashion speaks to the exceptional performance and appealing aesthetic of these classic designs. So let’s dive into what has made these chunky sweaters so successful and why they’re a must-have for every man’s fall and winter wardrobe to this day.

Meanwhile you can also try winter coats, winter pants, and sweaters made from heat-retaining, soft, and smooth fabrics. Neutral colors like brown, beige, black, or navy are recommended for sweaters and cardigans. Accessorizing with a casual watch, good-quality glasses, shoes, and a scarf to complete the winter look.

Author : Abhishikta Roy

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Top 5 dresses to try out this Winter : Boys Edition

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