Coping with the unprecedented times ~A story of adaptability.

Coping with the unprecedented times ~A story of adaptability.

“Growth is a never-ending journey. With each passing day, we strive to grow as individuals, grow together as a team, and do our little towards the growth of our organization”. We at Inspiria Tv, have always been strong adherents of growth. Every step that we as a team take is aimed towards growing us as individuals and our organization. However, with time we have learned, we can never really anticipate what lies forth but all we can do is work each day to mould our tomorrow. 

Like the year 2020 hit the shores of every workplace adversely, it had a similar impact on ours too. Moreover, we as a team tried our best to remain hopeful in unprecedented times. After all in life, ‘We are all sailing in the same boat- called hope’. Hope for better and brighter times. 

Inspiria Tv is a student media house that is run by the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus along with special guidance from their specialized mentors. Inspiria Tv was born with the thought of creating young budding professionals. It is a platform where students apply their theories and create content across its various social media platforms.

Over the years, we have challenged our potential and team spirit by creating infotainment, entertainment videos, running different social media campaigns and events. Our sole idea as students, behind Inspiria Tv, was to create content- content which creates an impact

Working on the campus, with our well-structured team is one of our major strengths. As Covid-19 knocked on the doors of our country; at the advent of the lockdown, the situation did crack the doors of our media house. Being away from the team, it was difficult for us to work with the same potential as we did earlier. Just in the times when we were at the brink of losing hope, our mentors reignited it within all of us. Soon, our team committed to staying glued in this together; it was then that we decided to organize ‘Esperanza’ a nationwide Online E- media fest. 

From the month of April, we as a team regained our vitality and worked closely together with full dedication even if we were miles away from each other. Esperanza is a Spanish word, meaning Hope. Henceforth, through this one-month-long event, our objective was to unite Unleashing talents of young India, provide a platform for students from across different universities to showcase their potential and sparkle Hope within every individual during the grey hours. During Esperanza, We conducted a series of competitions revolving around the media industry and live interviews of some prominent micro-influencers. It was delightful to have ‘Save the Children’ as our cause partner. As students, we felt glad to be able to unite for a cause and contribute our little towards those in need. The success of Esperanza motivated us to have faith, remain grounded, and focus on what lies forth. Post-Esperanza, we celebrated our second anniversary and Inspiria Tv Awards, virtually. We remained consistent throughout the year by producing short entertainment videos, riddle challenges, conducting webinars, lockdown photography challenges, and more. However, unlike every year, this time our recruitment process was virtual, the only mode of interaction with our new members was through our laptop screens. We had limited resources, there was a pain in not being able to step into our studio and shoot with friends; but whenever this air of melancholy blurred our ways we as a team picked each other up. We strongly followed our mentors’ advice throughout, “In life, Never lose hope and Do what you love, always”. 

With the constant support of the mentors and the team, today Inspire Tv has proudly battled the rough times and has emerged victorious. On 22nd January 2021, we had our first physical meet with proper guidelines and government norms. Interacting with the new members, setting up a monthly execution plan, and being able to follow our modus operandi again, has brought joy and excitement. 

We students as a part of Inspiria Tv  ‘Aspire to Inspire’ and immensely value each and every team member’s uniqueness. 

For we strongly believe, ‘Together we Create, Together we grow’.   

-Mallika Grover

Team leader (Public Relations)

 Inspiria Tv. 


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