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Youth Carnival 2024 came back with the same excitement and vibrance that brought together the energy and creativity of young people from diverse backgrounds. This lively celebration showcases the talents, skills, and passions of the youth through a variety of activities such as music performances, dance competitions, and live bands. It served as a platform for young individuals to express themselves, connect with like-minded peers, and foster a sense of community spirit.

The Youth Carnival is not only a showcase of entertainment but also an opportunity for personal growth, skill development, and the forging of lasting friendships. Influencers from the region were awarded for their creativity and collaborations. An Alumni Meet took place on the campus allowing a beautiful moment of a trip down memory lane. The event concluded with a powerpack DJ with a lot of grooving and enjoyment.

Recognition of social media creators

Inspiria has always appreciated the lifestyle of the emerging youth, and we acknowledge the fact that social media is an important aspect of this generation. In 2024 it continues the trend, 21 shortlisted creators from north Bengal and around were awarded for their extensive work towards influencing and positively impacting the youth’s lives with their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, it was an effort to push our students towards doing what they love and there couldn’t be a better way to motivate them than to award the youth who have made it to the biggest stages already gaining millions of followers of social media.

Alumni Meet:- The past pupils had a visit to the college after a while, so an ‘ ALUMNI MEET’ was hosted where the students who have graduated got a chance to reconnect with the professors, share new initiatives, and discuss future plans. The past pupils sure had a great time visiting college after a long time and shared their pieces of important information about the corporate world. Reminiscing about their college days is a must on this occasion.


The students lit the campus up with combined pieces of talent. We got to witness a huge variety of aptitudes being showcased. From Western band performances to Eastern classical dance grooves, the contrast in the genres sure made the gravy delicious.

A band performance in the end surely ignited the whole evening, which was followed by a dazzling show of Fashion models walking across the red carpet. The fashion show always encapsulates gorgeousness and expresses beauty in different forms.

Students across departments came together to celebrate their talents, and creativity, and celebrate diversity and the carnival was executed to perfection. It was all a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and grow seeing other content creators doing the same and I’m pretty sure all of us are looking forward to the next youth carnival which already promises to be a bang!

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Youth Carnival

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