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Cafes to visit during monsoon season

Cafes to visit this monsoon

5. Berlin Kaffehaus

Located outside of the main town of Siliguri, City Centre, Berlin Kaffehaus offers a vast range of delicious snacks and munchables. With a tremendous cozy cafe ambiance, Berlin Kaffehaus provides visitors with an open-roof cafe as well. With both ordering and takeaway available, visiting Berlin Kaffehaus might eat up a little bit of your time, since the food they serve is freshly baked and cooked, which eventually takes longer to serve.

MUST TRYOUTS:- Momos and Muffins.

Berlin Kaffehaus-n

4. Cafe Boxoffice

Also located in City Centre, cafe box office is the perfect place if you are looking for a cafe to go on a date, with a rather movie-theatre kinda vibe, cafe box office delivers one of the best milkshakes and hot-chocolates which is a huge go-to for people who love to try beverages during a chilled monsoon evening.

MUST TRYOUTS:- Blue Lagoon, Hot Chocolate, Drums of Heaven

Cafe Boxoffice-n

3. Art o Adda

Located near Bhutia Market, Mitra Nursing home, Art o Adda offers a vintage feel with a huge range of evening snacks. The fries and the chicken burgers are a must if you ever visit the cafe. With low lights all around, you are guaranteed to find your next aesthetic profile picture. The best part of Art o Adda is the seats next to the lawn, if you are a group o four or five, the lawnside is the perfect place for your unlimited adda.

MUST TRYOUTS:- Chicken nuggets, blue lagoons, french fries.

Art O Adda-n

2. Netaji Cabin

located at the heart of the city in Bidhan Market, With over 68 years in the field, Siliguri’s oldest eateries, Netaji Cabin is still popular and jam-packed for its ‘all-day breakfast’ menu and an ambiance that elicits a sense of nostalgia. Make sure to visit as soon as possible during the day, seats are limited and crowded most of the time.

MUST TRYOUTS:- Darjeeling tea and bread toasts.

Netaji Cabin-n

1. Top Tea House

Located opposite to the Cosmos Mall, Top Tea House offers a huge variety of snacks, and with an extended floor now, it allows more people to enjoy and accommodate in a very narrow place, although there is a bit of a lack of space, the food would make you think otherwise. From cheese Maggi Momos and bread toasts to mouthwatering Coffee and special Darjeeling tea, each and every minute snack is served here. Make sure to visit, smell the petrichor, and listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the ground while sipping warm coffee all the while.

MUST TRYOUTS:- Masala toast with a cup of Darjeeling tea.

Top Tea House-n

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Cafes to visit this monsoon

Cafes to visit during monsoon season

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