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25 Songs to add to your comfy Christmas playlist this Winter

Christmas is around the corner and if you are looking for a perfect Christmas playlist to get you in the holiday spirit, you need not worry, we’ve got you. Here are 25 songs which you can add or curate your playlist around with. If you are worried about the genre, we’ve got that covered as well. 

25. White Christmas (1947 version )- Bing Crosby, Ken Darby Singers, John Scott Trotter – Starting off with some classic jazz, and how can we even talk about the jazz genre without mentioning the very best Bing Crosby? If you are unknown to the whole jazz scenario ( WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO THEN?) Bing Crosby is one of the prominent figures of this genre. White Christmas is a Christmas classic that has been popular since the late 40’s and still hitting charts on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

24. Santa Claus is Back in Town – Elvis Presley – One of the artists who shaped the popular course of music in the 20th century, Santa Claus is Back in Town is a song from his popular Christmas album named ‘ ELVIS’ CHRISTMAS ALBUM’, released in the year 1957. If you happen to look up his discography make sure to listen to the whole album which includes popular hits such as  I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Blue Christmas and Santa Bring Back My Baby to Me. 

23. . The Christmas Song – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello- The last song of the magical duo, The Christmas Song is from Shawn’s 2020 album Wonder and is a perfect slow medley for your late-night Christmas date for sure.

22. Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano – How can we create a Christmas playlist and not add the latin pop founder Jose Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad to the list? A Christmas without a bit of a Feliz Navidad will seem a bit weird, won’t it?

21. The Twelve Days Of Christmas – Bing Crosby, the Andrew sisters – So what did your true love send you on the first day of Christmas? Popularly sung as a children’s Christmas song the Bing Crosby version that came out in the year 1949 retains the vibes with the Andrew sisters complementing one another and adds perspective to the song. 

20. Santa can’t You Hear Me – Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande – Moving on from the jazzy Christmas vibes, we’ve got the pop tunes of  Kelly Clarkson and the early 2010 icon Ariana Grande. From Kelly Clarkson’s 2021 Christmas album When Christmas Comes Around this track is a go-to for your Christmas playlist. 

19. Christmas Evel- Stray Kids- “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, I can see the evil coming but Felix never bad” Stay’s we’ve got you, you need not worry. Casual Listeners: If you are looking for a song to headbang this is the one, and for the vibes make sure to watch the music video on YouTube, you’ll surely crack up. Well as for me I’m well in the party to spend Christmas with Felix and Co. 

18. Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift- Swifties I’m sure you were not aware of this track from your favorite artist, the most streamed artist globally, Taylor Swift released this on Christmas of 2019 and has been a hidden gem ever since. 

17. Make it to Christmas – Alessia Cara  and Miracles in December –  The Scars To Your Beautiful Singer wrote and composed this song with Jon Levine, released in the Fall of 2019, the song talks about a falling relationship that might not last till Christmas, if you are facing a similar situation just like Alessia is, and are afraid of spending this Christmas eve all alone, this song is for you – 

 Miracles in December – EXO- Exol’s We’ve Got Your Back as well, If you are an EXO-l I bet you did not expect this song to be here, and If you are one and have not recognized the song yet you might need to get your fandom checked. Miracles in December was the lead track from EXO’s Christmas special EP in the year 2013, which contained other Korean Christmas hits such as The First Snow, Christmas Day, and My Turn to Cry. If you are looking for a sad winter ballad this EP is your go-to. 

16. Do you want to build a Snowman ( FROM FROZEN) – Kristen Bell – Yep we are here to take you back in time to 2013, when Disney released the animated film, Frozen, and the soundtrack has been the center of public acclamation ever since. Kristen Bell composes nearly most of the tracks in the movie and she did not miss with this one.  For reference, the title of the song is what Anna asked Elsa in the beginning of the movie and we are sure you pretty much remember the rest of it , if not then whats stopping you from re-watching Frozen again?

15. Dynamite ( Holiday Remix)- BTS –  The record-breaking English single Dynamite, was also renewed for a Christmas holiday version, and the boys did not disappoint. They later went on to shoot a holiday remix video with the members being all goofy around the Christmas tree. Also, they performed it at the Jingle Bell Ball hosted by Capital FM in the O2 in London later in the winter of 2022. 

14. Back to December- Taylor Swift- the second Taylor Swift song on the list, Back to December, this track is a major highlight from her 2010 album, Speak Now, and depicts the aftermath of the relationship she had with Taylor Lautner. If you too are mourning your ex and your lost love this song will perfectly summarise your feelings.

13. The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole – If you are under the blanket and tired of watching Netflix, or just want to listen to a few jazzy Christmas tracks with delightful hot chocolates, this song is perfect for you on your Christmas Eve and offers immaculate cozy Christmas vibes.   the most streamed Nat King Cole track on Spotify and the brew of Jazz and Christmas classics will certainly hit you just right. 

12. Two Ghosts – Harry Styles – One of the best pieces of music Harry has ever produced, Two Ghosts talks about separation and the consequences after the breakup. A totally acoustic track, the One Direction Member showcases his songwriting skills and his amazing vocals through the song. While much is speculated that this song is about his former girlfriend Taylor Swift, Harry hasn’t exactly denied them rather termed the song as “self-explanatory”. Either way, this is a great song if you are looking to enjoy your winters with some acoustic string music.

11. You and I- One Direction- Harry’s former boyband produced and composed this track from their 2013 album Midnight Memories, one of One Direction’s not-so-cliche boy band kinda songs, the track explores the differences and ups and downs in a relationship. You and I was released as the fourth and final single from the album and a music video for the same was released later that year. So if you aren’t screaming  ‘ nothing can come between you and I’ and singing along with your partner on this Christmas Eve what exactly are you doing then?

10. Christmas Love- Jimin – Seems like we have entered the boy band section of the blog, the next track is a Christmas hit by the most streamed artist on Soundcloud JIMIN of BTS. This track was released in the year 2020, and was his second solo single after he dropped Promise in 2018 which later went on to become the most streamed song on SoundCloud. Christmas Love was a track gifted by Jimin to his fans in the winter of 2020 during the pandemic and showcased his dazzling vocal tone in the track.

9. Snowflower- V feat. Peakboy – V of BTS released this track in the year 2020 on SoundCloud, which was later released on Spotify after the members started preparing their solo debuts. The song features one of Taehyung’s very close friends and a prominent K-Rnb artist. Snow-flower a love Christmas song with V’s low timbre vocals and pleasing melodies, is surely a great pick for your Christmas playlist.

8.  Jingle Bell Rock- Bobby Helm – it’s time to rock the night away, The classic Jingle Bell Rock will surely remind you of your school Christmas celebrations and Choir Practices. Bobby Helm produced a masterpiece with this and he did not miss. One of the most popular Christmas tracks since the late 50’s it still rocks shopping malls and cozy living rooms. This one was a must-add to the list. 

7. Like It’s Christmas:- Jonas Brothers – okay, Another boyband song, the Jonas Brothers released this song in the year 2019 shortly after they came back together as a band. The group debuted on the top of hot100 with their single sucker and has been dropping hits since and this Christmas single was no different. f this still isn’t on your list ( RETHINK ABOUT YOUR PLAYLIST MAKING SKILLS ALREADY) make sure to add this in. 

6. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer – from the 2006 album Continuum, widely regarded as one of John Mayer’s best songs and went on to become one of his most commercially successful tracks. With Mayer’s classic rock, soul, and blues style, this song is a go-to if you want to slow dance with someone around the fireplace.

4. Wonderful Christmastime:- Paul McCartney – The former Beatles member released this song in his 1980 highly acclaimed album McCatneyII’s special edition and has been a fan favorite, especially in England ever since. 

5. Merry Christmas – Ed Sheeran and Elton John – One of the best collaborations to ever exist Elton John and Ed Sheeran went on to compose one of the best Christmas tracks of all time in my opinion, and is a must-have in your list. 

4. Christmas Tree- V– From the Our Beloved Summer OST, V of BTS is racking Christmas songs in this list, we are sure most K-drama watchers are a fan of this song and rightfully so, the low timbre vocal range of V really melts into the track and the music video as well. V really has a knack of releasing melodies Christmas tracks for his fans and he just never seems to miss.  

3. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee- Hitting the billboard charts again, Brenda Lee’s Career highlight Rocking Around the Christmas Tree has been a public favorite, especially in the United States.

2.. Under the Mistletoe- Justin Bieber-  I don’t need to say much about this song, the streams and the popularity speak pretty much speak for themselves. JB released this in the year 2011 from his Christmas EP Mistletoe and has been the evergreen Christmas song.

1. All I want for Christmas -Mariah Carey – The holiday season is often accompanied by Christmas tracks and carols and among the classics this one stands out as a modern masterpiece. The catchy and spirited vocals and the enduring popularity of the song are some of the main reasons it’s still hitting the charts even after 30 years.

A few honorable mentions before we end – 

 Standing Next to You ( Holiday Remix) – Jung Kook 

With you this Christmas – Why Don’t We

Falling for You- The 1975

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas- Sam Smith

After Like  (Holiday Remix) – IVE

My My My – Troye Sivan 

Winter Bear – V 

Scenery – V

So this was the list of the songs we’d recommend to you this Christmas also if you have any recommendations or corrections make sure to get in touch with us, and you need not worry about making a Christmas mixtape. We’ve got that covered for you as well so you don’t wander around searching for the songs.

Author: Parampreet Dutta

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25 Songs to add to your comfy Christmas playlist this Winter

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